New couple missionaries-"The Zolls" 06/29/11

New couple missionaries-"The Zolls"                              06/29/11

Elder David & Elder Lehr

Elder David & Elder Lehr

Good bye to Pres & Sis Sabey

Good bye to Pres & Sis Sabey

Missing my Silverstone Ward

Missing my Silverstone Ward
Silverstone sticker on back of van

8 months to go................


I feel horrible since you wrote me a huge email and i feel like i have nothing to say back! I loved the phone call even though im now wishing my mission could just be finished ha. 8 months will come very fast though so thatll be sweet!!! Tell kayla good luck for me!! She'll love it and do a great job!! :D

Elder harris says hi! :D And that we are going to live together AGAIN in provo/orem. Well i love you mom! Tell the whole family sorry i didnt call them this year, i didnt call anyone but my family so take that mom and karli! You guys thought i didnt go take a nap but that i was calling other people, like who?!?! Theres nobody to call....they are all on missions.

Love you, talk to ya next week!! :D


Hello dear family,
i was the most happiest person on Christmas day. i hope you have a wonderful celebration for the new year. i really appreciate all that you did for me this year.
i will write you my conversion story and post it to you i don't have enough time to email it to you. i will tell you every thing.
My family are doing great right now. i found out on Christmas that my siblings have all joing the church. My mum can not understands the teachings of the church because she did not go to school my dad have a little problem with alcohol and he can't be a member of the church without putting those stuffs away. That is my family. i have no uncle, no aunty because my father is the only surviving son of my grandmother. i did not come from a big family at all.i will tell you more things about my family as i continue to email you.Have a wonderful week.Bye
Elder Ikor your son.

Christmas phone calls are the best!!


We got to hear from Elder Lehr very early on Christmas morning! It was great to hear his voice. Our family got to talk to him for quite a long time :) Countdown to Mother's Day!

Elder Kamara leaving the apt :(


Yesterday we had a baptism which went sweet, it was for the sister missionaries in their branch but they needed their candidates interviewed so i was there for that. We have a baptism of our own this sunday that im excited for! We are baptizing a wife of this sweet member! He used to be into the "thug" life as he called it but changed and now his wife and two kids are in the church for good!! haha. Transfers were today, only one guy in our zone leaving, elder kamara, elder mackays companion right now in our apartment, we are all mad haha. The new guy coming is in my group of MTs (came the same time as me).

Not much else to say this week, im sorry but emailing just seems so boring, same stuff each week, not too much extra exciting stuff haha.
Short email= sorry! I feel bad.

Well i love you guys! Tell the girls ill email them next week and to enjoy their christmas break! Lucky bums!

Love ya!

Elder Mackay and Elder Lehr in the same apt! :)


Hey everyone!

Wow, i think i learned a lot just from your email mom about the Law of the Fast, repentance is needed and i WILL be doing it the right way next month. You read my email in the lesson?? What did i say again? Im sitting by elder mackay right now and he showed me a few pictures from the FHE with colby, sounds like you guys had a fun time, besides getting emotional, i can tell by the picture that you were! Sheesh mom, its been 15 months and ur still crying over ur baby boy? Haha. Im just kidding! Dont cuss at me just yet lol.

This week was a pretty good one. We got a few good referrals we will be meeting with this next week. One was from Temple square!! We'll see about that one, exciting though, automatically means future leader! The other referrals were from members here that seem to be pretty solid. There is a man named chief who has been a member for quite a while but wasnt sure if the "traditional" marriage was completed or not, found out it was so now we are preparing his wife for baptism, which is sweet. I love this family. Young couple with a few kids. Another baptismal date was given to a 9 year old girl who stays in a far place called Kotwi. She stays with a powerful family and they bring her to church every week. We asked her who Joseph Smith was and she suprised us! She told us the whole first vision and about his parents going to different churches and how he read in the bible and then prayed and God and Christ appeared to him. It was sweet! She's ready! :D So hopefully we can add one or two people to the baptism by the time the 19th rolls around in two weeks. We also have a missionary fireside the 18th that the ward mission leader has helped put together for the members to bring their friends to and we have a casual fireside to help those new people feel comfortable. We are watching the Restoration dvd too, its powerful! It gets me every time.

My companion is hoping we stay together for atleast another transfer since we both kinda just got here. I am hoping for the same. I love this guy. Today both zones played football on a real size field. We played zone against zone...we played well but in the end they killed us haha. We had like 15 mins left 0-0 and then they just fired them at us. 4-0, bummer.....yaaa it was bad. lol still fun. 2 of the missionaries last p-day so they made it count. One is our Assistant Elder Hill, cool guy and the other is Elder Ayim!! Remember that name? We were companions in Twifo Praso for that first transfer then he left. I love this guy, definitely one of the top Ghanains. And guess who else is gonig home?? My Father Elder adjeifio! Francis will be his name next week haha. Im gunna miss these guys but atleast elder adjeifio will be coming up next month to say goodbye to the Kiffers who leave this January! Crazy huh? Everyone who was somehow new is now going home.

I heard a little bit about Ivory Coast, but not a lot of details. Yes, their borders are closed but i heard it was just for a 3-4 day election, not because the parties were fighting or something. Never know could be more serious then what i heard. Either way it doesnt sound good. Im sure Elder Legere will be able to get home by Dec. 18, things should cool down. Dont think missionaries are on lock-down so i dont think they should worry.(Cody is wrong, they are on lockdown) Ghana is just the most peaceful place on this earth. The only fighting you see is a few drunk people, crowds beating a man who stole something, or up north is where a lot of the fighting here happens lol. All the members say how safe this country is and how if you wanted to walk across the whole city late at night that nobody would bother you haha. Dont worry im safe here. Mesquitos and the sun are the only killers, oh and the cancer that is STILL on my arm haha. Its gotten a whole lot better but is still there, just red like a rash, but doesnt itch or sting. I get a lot of people asking me what happened...i tell them its cancer of course. Not many people understand sarcasm here, so of course i, just laughing on the inside. My companion understands it thank goodness! We are really getting a long. He got a letter from his friend in south africa, one of their missions, and the guy was talking about air conditiong in their apartment and driving cars and he had pictures of REAL pizza......jerk just rubbing things in haha. We both suffered seeing the real pizza haha. Ive decided that Zimbabwean's are the coolest guys in this mission. There are 4 of them up here in kumasi and 1 in Sunyane. They are freaking tight.

Sooo ya, about Sunyane, everyone in Kumasi will be going there next wednesday for a Christmas Gathering!! Food, music, fun, etc. with President, Sister Sabey and the couples. We are stoked about that! Everyone down south is headed to the mission home on different days to do their own there. Im excited for that! I just hope that there arent very many changes in the zones before that happens! The Elders here in this area are awesome, some of my best friends.

As for my health, im freakin tired from soccer today....cramped up both of my dang calves at the end of the game after they put a womping on us. Sucky feeling....these dang calves haha. Im not in horrible shape, but today was killer haha. This week we have district meeting, ill be instructing, not sure what that will be on just yet. Its tomorrow so i might wanna get something prepared. Also tomorrow, President and Sis. Sabey are coming up to check our apartments and probably to help with the new apartments they are opening up for those small groups here in Kumasi, which will be sweet. It will lower the amount of people attending wards but make it so much easier for more people to come to church and these groups will be in control of President Sabey so he will be able to train the new leaders of these groups which is the best part. No offense to the stake presidency here but having President train will be a good thing. Im sure a lot of missionaries come home talking about how amazing their mission president is, but president Sabey is the real deal. He brings power into every single instruction he has...He has always been able to teach me something new and bring the Spirit. He is so inspired and really does follow every impression he has whether he knows what he is doing or not or knows why or not. He's taught me a lot since ive been here especially when he talks about marriage or parenthood, which he brings up A LOT!! Haha. So im definitely excited for this Christmas Gathering to see what he has for us next!

I love it here. I love being a missionary and doing the work. Brother Kwame and his wife Jennifer still havent come to church, but are loving the lessons still. We watched the Restoration video with them and they enjoyed it. It didnt help that the little newborn 2 month old baby was crying and the 1 1/2 year old girl was begging for attention haha. It was sweet though! The wife said that when her baby is 3 months old she will start coming to church. Bro kwame told us he is having a problem with this land he bought and is desperately trying to sell it and only has time to meet with the real estate agent on sundays....kinda sucks so we are hoping he is able to sell it soon. They are progressing though, just need them to come to church which has always been the struggle in this mission. Not a financial issue with this family though so thats good.

Well i hope this email is a good n long one for ya! :D Well i hope you guys have a good week! Love ya lots!! Elder Mackay just lost his entire email cuz his time ran out so im gunna hurry and send this so it doesnt happen to me too!! :D

Love Elder Lehr



this week was pretty good, yesterdays zone conference was pretty sweet. Pres Sabey announced that he is going to be able to open up small small groups in kumasi!! He wants instead of 8 places of worship in a city that has 2 million people, 22 places of worship. They way he is doing this is renting missionary apartments with a big enough hall to hold sacrament meeting and have the missionaries RUN EVERYTHING until it grows big enough or atleast a group leader is ready and trained!! This will help so much! People will soon be able to walk to a building no matter where they live. He is opening up 3 of them this next transfer and before he goes home next summer he plans to have all 13 of them ready to go, plus a new building for Suame ward who doesnt have a building. THIS IS EXCITING!!! He is taking all of the wards and branches that have 4 missionaries and move 2 of them to one of these new areas. The area presidency is so excited for this and is just trying it out in the new Region up north! Its sweet...we are laying an incredible foundation for the growth of this stake. 5 years down the line it can split a few times!! It will be amazing to finish my mission here, i hope i get to stay for long!! :D 2 of the 3 new groups opening up this next transfer were in my old area asokwa! Its so exciting! There is a member out there who taught families in here area every monday night and taught primary each week at her house and now she will have one of these small group meeting houses RIGHT BY HER HOUSE!!! HUGE tender mercy for this woman! The Lord is seeing how faithful she is and this is a huge blessing that comes from it. There will be almost 50 missionaries in this city soon! This mission has a possibility to split by the time pres Sabey goes home. That is a goal of his. He is incredible.

Thats pretty awesome about tyler organizing the fireside and sharing personal experiences! Sounds like he is growing up a bit! Him quiting football sound like anyone you know?? Haha. He's a stud! We are definitely still finding new people....its more productive to serve members....we dont even ask for referrals, just serve them and let them know how much we care and the referrals follow! Its an incredible place to serve. Our mission broke the record for baptisms in a single month, i think it was close to 170 or something. Think about that for a second. We are working on a goal that focuses on recent converts, NOT BAPTIZING A HUGE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE!! And you see how the Lord has used the recent converts to further the work. Its really amazing. Ponder how sweet it is to be a missionary here in ghana right now! Im so blessed and thankful for my call to serve, especially to serve here. I love it.

Thanksgiving will be awesome! Im sure grandma would love to hear from me haha. Either way, Christmas is coming soon! :D
Karlis grades slipped??? Was that a prophesy? I CALLED IT! :D BOY CRAZY!!! WORSE THAN GIRLS AND GIRLS ARE WORSE THAN DRUGS!!! :D

We have been given by the Brethren, 8 fundamentals of Preach My Gospel that we are to focus on. They help us to increase the effectiveness of teaching. It teaches us HOW to teach and not just WHAT to teach. The first fundamental is the Doctrine of Christ. Its found all over the Book of Mormon, but my favorite scripture to demonstrate it is the whole chapter of 2 nephi 31. WE ARE INSTRUCTED TO GO THROUGH THE DOCTRINE OF CHRIST ON OUR VERY FIRST VISIT AND POSSIBLY ASK THEM HOW THEY WOULD FEEL ABOUT BEING BAPTIZED!!! Can you believe how bold that is. It tells them right off the bat what our purpose is. We still wont just baptize anyone, but fruit that remains, but it gives them a goal set and we are able to prepare them to reach that goal, whatever it takes. ITS SWEET!! :D

I love you a lot! I hope you can see how much serving a mission has changed my life. Its incredible what the Savior can do with someone who is ready and willing to follow through with whatever he wants done and the way he wants it done. Church is definitely true. Book of Mormon is incredible scripture, so clear and pure. I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ amen.


New companion is freakin sweet! 11/08/10

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The new companion is freakin sweet! His name is elder kundiona from zimbabwe, bordering country of south africa. We are getting along pretty good. No he's not a greenie! haha. Elders kamara and thompson are in my apartment. Kamara is from sierra leone and thompson is from orem. Both way cool guys, sweet apartment. The guys in prison will serve their terms and then be released, we dont talk about that.

We had a lousy one investigator for the conference viewing. I was a little upset but its all good. Saturday we taught bro. kwame (the really smart guy who said he's "half way in, not all the way yet") on saturday. It went pretty good. We talked about the creation and fall of adam and eve and life on earth. Next time will be more on the atonement which will be sweet!! He's coming along slowly but surely. He said he wants to study the Book of Mormon in depth, so we'll see. Love lessons like that, these people keep me going!

Im excited for tine working a lot!! GO TINE!! Sorry about her backing into pres truman'S truck, how did that turn out??

Exciting about bug doing well! She needs a scholarship since i couldnt get any! hahaha.

So raiderS!!!!!! Beat the chiefs!! YAA!! OT!! hahaha go raiders!! Finally....ever since that superbowl that we should of taken the 2k. haha.

Definitely agree with the fasting and praying and going to the temple! That will help, but sometimes the Lord just wants us all to learn and grow so it still might take time before things get good again. Just hang in there!! I watched two talks of conference that i loved and made me think of our family so much. The first one is pres eyring in the sunday morning and then pres monson in the sunday morning!!!! Those two talks are so sweet!! Please watch them as a family!! :D

Well i love ya!! Have a good week!

Love elder lehr!

new comp from Zimbabwe :) 11/01/10


Hey fam, doing well. Yes we had 4 investigators at church yesterday, one is a 19 yr old girl who's grandparents have been in the church for forever. She just stopped going to her church and has been coming and finally someone told us she WASNT a member. We teach her only on sundays since she is a hair-dresser all day everyday except sunday. Her name is gloria, she is very serious and wants to be baptized, so that was a nice baptism that fell into our laps. haha. T|he work is gonig pretty well here, just looking for more people to teach, always harder in the cities but not too bad.

TRANSFERS! So my companion is going to elder harris's apartment and im getting an elder from zimbabwe who is pretty cool i hear. haha. No other big changes except a few more elders going to the new area in the next REGION over. The city there is called Sunyane and now there will be 6 elders and a couple that was just put there. That place is growing small small haha. Elder Akoki is the new assistant! hahahaha. I love that guy. Kinda sad i have a new companion cuz i love elder marsan but we'll see what happens.

Thats awesome about your stake conference. I DIDNT KNOW THINGS IN OUR AREA BACK HOME WERE THAT BAD-HIGHEST FORECLOSURE? DANG! So glad im still here for another 10 months. Things better settle down. haha.

Well everything is going well. Healthy and happy, what more can i ask for. Missionary work is so rewarding! I love helping people come unto Christ and find the TRUE church through their own efforts. Helping people to gain a testimony is not an easy thing, but when it happens its the sweetest feeling. Love it.

Well gotta go, love you guys!

Have a good series??? Not even ONE update, apparently the yankees are out so thats good. haha.

Love, Cody

14 months and counting.....


Hey FAM!

I was excited this week to read your emails. Mostly because it was a great week altogether. Last week we asked bishop if anyone had any referrals and this sunday he hands us a sheet with 5 people to meet and also the names and numbers of the members who referred them. (yes we are still new and dont know many members, working on that haha). So this week we will be working on that a bit. Anyways, so there is this man named kwame who contacted us a little while ago. He read the restoration pamphlet and we met at the time we scheduled, saturday night. This guy is powerful. Future leader for sure! He read through the whole thing and said he understood it, so i asked a question to really see if he read and wow! He went on and on about the apostasy and how he doesnt go to any church because he is just not convinced any of them are true, so that is why he wanted to meet with us! (AKA golden contact). Basically we had an epic 2 hour long lesson going into details about the restoration. I felt the Spirit so strong especially when we had him read Joseph's experience in his own words. He told us after the lesson that he is beginning to be convinced and that he "feels" that what we are teaching him is true. Of course we explained that he needed to read the BOM and prayer and he said he would for sure. He also wanted the church website do to more research about our beliefs, which just doesnt happen much here. If this guy is the only person i ever taught and hopefully baptize on mission, it would definitely be so satisfying. I love being a missionary and helping people understand why there is confusion in this world and that their God doesnt want it to be so. Its sweet when they understand that and keep their commitments, strengthening their faith. This church is definitely true and is really so simple to understand. It just makes so much sense. I know the only way anyone can Know if the message is true is through the Holy Ghost touching their minds and/or hearts, which is how my testimony is still growing. I love the sweet, peaceful feeling that It brings. I know that even if it feels like the world is coming down or you are frustrated that you cant overcome something, our Father in heaven can help all of those dark feelings leave us. It is when we surround ourselves with His word's and through our prayers of faith. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

I had a whole lot of fun proselyting yesterday. First, I attended a baptism for the sister missionaries where one man was able to baptize his wife and children. That is what this is all about. Such a great experience to be able to hear their testimonies. It has definitely strengthened me. After that we were on our way to the apartment to eat lunch and saw this old man we always greet across the street from us and he was "weeding." That means he is a beast, using "Cutlers" (machettes) to cut his grass. There was half of it left! We couldnt help ourselves, he was just too old to be doing such hard work. The cutlers destroyed our hands but it felt freaking sweet when we finished. Had a few people contact us on the roadside. They loved seeing a white man weeding the way they do in Ghana. It was pretty funny. The best part was to see this old man's smile from ear to ear. He didnt speak one word of english so the little Twi we spoke just made him crazy happy. Just as we finished we saw the dark clouds and the clear blue sky clash in the middle....a huge wind, rain storm was coming! It was the hardest i think i have ever seen it rain. It lasted like 20-30 minutes which was sweet. Call me crazy but of course i played in the rain. White shirt, who cares right? Im in ghana and this rain is epic!

I love you guys so much. Everyone keeps bugging me that im turning 14 months on thursday. Its mostly because there arent that many missionaries in this mission that are past that mark. Kinda crazy seeing fresh missionaries looking up to me when i feel like im still one of them haha. Its a wierd feeling. A good one though.

I want some protein powder, cheap kind if you can. If not, ill just come home really skinny haha. Its up to you. Dont worry about big boxes for christmas please. Trust me, save the money. Use it to help someone else's christmas this year alright? Deal? Thanks.

Well that is all for this week.

Love Elder Lehr

Kumasi...........again :)


Finally i am able to get on a computer that works! Sorry!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DAD MOM AND TINE TOMORROW!! :D No I'm not THAT much of a loser brother and son.

I'm doing great! Yes I'm back in Kumasi and both me and my companion are brand new in the area. We are in Bantama, where the ward just split so that's sweet! At least it wont be like Asokwa!! :D My companion is elder Marsan from Liberia! He is freakin right!! I love this guy! We will enjoy this transfer and hopefully the next few transfers! This is the place in Kumasi i was always wishing id serve. I'm in the zone leaders apartment. There are 6 sisters in my district...3 brand new ones. They are sweet! It seems like everyone in Kumasi is just sweet.

The package i got was the year mark one with sweet food and pictures! And the leaf and a-corn from Carthage and Nauvoo. It was sweet to see new pictures of my family!!! Sorry your pictures are coming, i promise!! :D

This week Ive really gained a testimony about how president does transfers. He really does follow the Spirit and does it right! I am always put with someone or in an area for certain reasons. The last two transfers in Praso was basically for these 2 ladies we found contacting who always wanted to come to church. They have had problems their whole lives, lots of personal stuff i wont mention. We helped them through it and now 2 months after their baptism they went to the temple to do baptisms and fell in love with the temple. One of them, Bridget, always goes to Accra to buy things for selling at market and is now getting a Temple recommend so she can stop by the temple every other week. I couldn't believe it when she told us that that is what she wanted to do. I felt amazing. Shes been my favorite convert since Bounti and Harrison in Asokwa! I loved when she told us about her temple experience. And now our new mission goal is to help recent converts do missionary work and also help prepare these recent converts to do their ancestors names in the temple! I'm so stoked for this goal, this is what its all about!! :D We are helping to change lives and strengthen these recent converts testimonies about missionary work and the temple! I love it.

Happy birthday dad and mom and tine!! I didn't forget! I promise!! It wasn't my fault, we were even in Cape Coast last week, internet was down. So hope your bdays were sweet!! Do anything special!! Tine you are turning 17 tomorrow?! What?? My little sister is a senior and 17 and dating often?! When did all of this happen....haha. Enjoy it now, real life will come haha.

I wish i could be there with Landon!! It reminds me of how HIGH our family was all around the time of my call and stuff...remember that cloud 9 we were on with everything?! It was such a sweet feeling, the hard work of being ready and worthy of a mission all paid off! I love that kid!

What pictures did you see on e. Speechly's blog?? I love that guy!! Probably one of my best friends on mission, he was in Assin Foso on the Cape Coast--Kumasi road. He is sweet!! Pictures will come!! PROMISE!! Oh and elder Evans goes home at the end of this six weeks, he went to school at Mojave so near marks house, not too bad. I'm sending the stuff down to him this week Friday so it will get to him. Hope you enjoy it!! :D Oh and today we found the fastest internet cafe in Ghana!! ITS LIKE HOME!!! So hopefully in the next few weeks ill be able to take some time loading pictures, its just an expensive cafe! :(

I am loving life...mission is sweet, just pluggin along. Gotta contact all this week...the guys in our area last transfer, one was going home and the other DID WORK in this one area and they are pretty much baptized so we need new people. Oh and that same elder kinda built a house for this member whose house burned down last year.... He is kinda legit. Its freakin sweet!! Cant believe he had a whole house built in like 4-5 months. He's done well. He was upset to leave this area haha. Its a sweet area...the members speak really good English and the ward actually functions on its own really well. I love it!

I know that our Father in heaven always knows what he is doing....even if we might question it, its right! The second we just accept it and go along for the ride with a good attitude, the better off we will be. I love this gospel. Its changed my life and I've seen it change so many while I've been here. Its all about the Book of Mormon. Its just so straight forward and the Spirit just blasts you if you take the time to read and study it! :D So i was really disappointed this week only because our temple trip was canceled by the area office. I was working my butt off to make this temple trip sweet!! But i guess i just need to keep this up til i go with the mission president next august. I love you guys.

Talk to ya next week!

Love Cody



Sweeeet Weeeek!



This week has been sweeeet to say the least. We have 10 people that we gave a baptism date to....6 for this Saturday and 4 or more for next months! I love being in this area, it feels good to see someone accept the gospel openly and repent quickly when they learn what is right. I cant describe the feeling. Its just SWEET! Its a lot better this week then last week when it comes to the comp. Its a lot more enjoyable in the apartment now haha.

Today, p-day, has been SWEET!!! We came to Assin Foso around 1 and played volleyball against Assin Foso branch 1. They actually beat us 4 straight surprised me to see athletes haha. They were pretty good and we were uhh...ya haha. Then we went back to their apartment and ate a HUGE rice and chicken and stew!! It was delish!! Tonight we are staying the night in their apartment for the mission tour tomorrow!! Elder Sitati from the area presidency will be teaching us! Cant wait for that, always good to have a a good boost! This week will fly by for sure! Baptism interviews on Thursday and possibly Friday....baptism Saturday, then Sunday....weeks over and Monday will be transfer news....NEW AREA WO HO!! (New area is here!) We'll see what happens haha.

Elder Evans is going home next transfer so ill send some stuff with him if he has room, especially some CDs!!!! Pictures and videos and jazz....YA Be excited!!

This last week we have begun incorporating the new training from the first presidency that has come. Its sweet and definitely inspired. We focus a lot more on having our investigators thinking more about making a covenant of baptism....even from the first or second lesson we will talk about helping them make a covenant with God in the waters of baptism. Most people it will work for, others we just wont bring it up til we are further a long. Its good...we get to see who is serious and who isn't and move on from there. I love it.

Ive been working a lot this week on making my prayers more meaningful. Its not easy to do every single prayer during the day. It takes effort to really think about the things i want to discuss with my Father in Heaven and then be heartfelt as I speak to Him. I love the Spirit it has brought into my daily work! :D I know prayer is real.

I love you guys. Have a good week! :D

Love, Cody

I love days like this


What a sweet feeling it was to read the family emails this week. Ive been yearning for them a little more this week then in the past. Its been a tough week. My comp is a Nazi and its driving me crazy, no worries though, I'm being patient as i can be with only a few sarcastic comments thrown in that he probably will never understand since sarcasm doesn't exist here haha. We are definitely working hard, we gave another 4 people baptism dates and there will be maybe 4 more this week to all be baptized the 18th. One man sticks out in my mind,Bro Tanko. He is my favorite branch member's father and has had a lot of word of wisdom problems for the last year but is now getting over them and is ready to be baptized. The sweet thing about it is that his son, Kasim, is not in town and doesn't know about it yet!! When he gets back he'll learn that his dad is being baptized! Cant wait to see his face, he's been praying for his family to accept the church. Just after his father becomes a member it will be a lot easier to teach the wife. I love missionary work. This has gotta be the sweetest thing, to see people change all because you helped them feel the Spirit in a lesson or helped teach them to read the Book of Mormon or pray. I love it. This is what keeps me going.

This week I've spent a lot of time with elder Kouakou since elder Bentum was going to Cape Coast for some training thing that is specifically from the brethren and it is for every mission. Its sweet! I cant wait to start focusing more on these things they have for us.

Yeah, everyone is being exactly obedient now that we got hammered!! Its a lot easier to do when everyone else is also making an effort. It'll be sweet to see how well our mission does because of all this obedience, since we are already working miracles. Elder Chime (zone leader) said that our zone had 40 baptisms last week and that didn't count our district at all and our baptism will be a good one in two
weeks....we are just being blessed with success. Sorry for all those missions having hard times, keep up the door knocking cuz the baptisms are ranking in in Africa. In a few weeks a new area opens up! It'll be sweet! Our mission is looking to be split within the next year or two, crazy.

Grandma you crack me up! Waiving your hands at my family to sit by you since you got there NOT LATE and saved seats....hahaha. Pres Richards on the stand smiling....i can see it now!

I got the package with that elders garments! Thank you so much!! He will be so happy for those! :D

I agree with you mom, I want to be like Job buuuut....the trials i have now our enough!! haha. Watch out for what you say! Or even think! The Lord knows...

LANDON IS GOING TO ARGENTINA!!! FREAK MAN!! THATS SWEET LANDON!!! 4 best friends....3 Spanish speaking....they better teach me!! Matthew told me he could have me fluent in like 6 months haha. Man, i miss these guys!

BYU is too legit for the mountain west this year huh? I hope they get'll be replayed all night long on sportscenter....every 30 minutes BYU loses again. Im stoked the braves are in first!! Finally....after a long 5-6 years. Go bobby cox!

You sure you guys need pictures of me?? You did just fine without them this last year hahaha. I'm joking mom, calm down, don't hit the computer. They will come in the near future! haha.

Well i love you guys so much. Keep working will all pay off! Trials will never cease, its just a matter of strengthening ourselves to get through them, holding on to what we have already learned. Yesterday was one of the sweetest lessons I've ever had. We went to a less-active part-member family and taught the member who is the mother of the family, Sis Diana. We opened up to Alma 7 and talked
about the Atonement and how Christ has suffered all of our pains, afflictions, sicknesses, etc. and the reason He had to go through all of those things was so the He could know how to succor us. I bore my testimony to her telling her how i felt because of that sacrifice He made for me and how I owe my whole life to the Savior because of it. The Atonement changes my whole look on life, it helps me work harder,
be more patient and loving especially to my sweet (add sarcasm here)companion. The Spirit was definitely in that lesson and helped each of us feel the ways we needed to change. She promised us she would be at church this week, and i silently promised my Father in Heaven that i would be more patient to my companion and try to help him in the areas he needs it, etc. I love days like this. :D

Have a good week!

Elder Cody Lehr

a mission humbled


Hey everyone!

Sounds like everything at home is just the way it was when i left, a year older and wiser too.

How was dinner with the Cordner's? Hope it was good.

Flying to Alaska? Mark and Rachel thats long will they be there? The Kiffers made that place sound amazing and beautiful, maybe it is? haha so cold and far away.

First Howards or Lehrs to finish an eagle before 16?? hahaha good job Kayden and Derek! AND DON n Laura. They really are close to missions its crazy....cant believe Karli is a sophmore and Tine is a senior?? WHAT?? When did that happen? you guys were getting old when your FIRST child was a senior, but now two years later!! hahaha im a brat.

So today was probably one of the most sobering days ive had on mission and im sure most elders would agree. President sat us down before we played soccer at Takoradi (where elder Mackay is) and talked to us about how much disobedience is going on in our mission. He covered 4 topics, Movies, phones, music, and the internet use. He pretty much made everyone feel like crap and to be honest, just about every single missionary is guilty of one or all of these things. He taught us how they may be small things, but the scriptures say small and simple things bring about great things....he explained how that can go both ways, for good and for bad. Then he told us of a missionary who he sent home yesterday for breaking these rules a little too much.....then read to us a letter that that elder wrote to our mission.... by this time everyone is feeling like crap and wondering who that missionary is....then he read the name and my heart of my best friends i met in Kumasi when i first came. He was supposed to go home in just a month. This killed me....i couldn't even play soccer right, i played but it wasn't good. I cant stop feeling for this guy. So that's all ill say about that. This mission has just been humbled to the extreme, oh and he added to the white handbook by telling everyone that NOBODY is to have an ipod or mp3 player of any kind and that if you have one to send it to the mission home. We have two weeks to send it in then after that if he catches anyone with an ipod, either the ipod is taken by him and never given back or you take the ipod home with you. Sooo definitely sending that thing in haha. He then talked about the pride cycle and said that now we are in the "the Lord had to humble us" stage and he lovingly asked everyone to repent and that if we don't then the Lord has told him to start sending people home, TODAY WAS SERIOUS! Everyone is down, sucky feeling. But i can really feel how much president loves us and wants the best for us and this mission. Its the best thing that could of happened, just hard to take it all in at first.

Besides that, missionary work in Praso has been sweet. I'm really loving the area and people and enjoying the mission too much! :D I am learning so many things by living here and being a missionary. Its so sweet to feel the Spirit directing a lesson and to see it touch the hearts of the people we teach. I love it love it love it. It makes all the tiredness go away when you just fight through it and teach the gospel. 9 hours a day not including studies is definitely more than a full time job. Walking around all day may seem really tiring and sometimes it is, but just bearing testimony all day, always pondering about the needs of the people, that is probably the most difficult part of mission. I love it though.

Well this week is going to be interesting. My companion will be having trainings all week so ill be paired with the Ivorian who has started to become cool lately. We'll cover all the areas of the 4 missionaries, which covers 3 branches! Holy smokes it will be a full week for sure. Gotta love that, an already planned schedule is nice! :D Well i love you and hope you have a great week!!

Love Elder Lehr



Holy smokes 1 year has been done away with?? Cant believe how time flies, but at the same time it seems like its taken a while for it to come. Weird feeling haha. We didn't really celebrate too much, but it was sweet. Some of our investigators made some food for us, cassava and a sweet stew that i used to hate in the mtc but now love. Its funny how much the Lord has blessed me with loving the food now. Prayer is real. Then we bought some sweet steaks from off the street and bought some Don Simon, no not the alcoholic kind, the fruit juice which is delicious, just expensive! So that is how we enjoyed it, kinda boring. My companion and i came at the same time so we both enjoyed the night together haha.
There was a lot going on in the branch this week which is a big change! Ever since we talked to the branch president about activities he has really kicked it into effect immediately, sweet! There is now keyboard learning Tuesdays and Thursdays, FHE for single adults on Mondays, Wednesday is midweek (just a class for all of the members to learn something from gospel principles), and there was an ALL AFRICAN service project on Saturday! We all jumped into a big truck and took off to a place called Twifo Hemang and cleaned up a hospital and "weeded" the grass and cleaned off their mosquito net screens for windows. It was a sweet activity. A good amount of members came and we all wore our Mormon helping hands shirts. Afterwards we went back to the chapel and cleaned the chapel and enjoyed a sweet fanyogo (a bag with frozen strawberry yogurt in it. These fanyogos get me through!!) Most things here in Ghana are in plastic bags that we chew off a corner and eat or drink right out of the bag, like water and juice and a bunch of stuff. The best part about that service project was to see how many recent converts, less-actives and even investigators there!! The best news of the week came Sunday when they announced the temple trip and I found out that the recent converts that we just baptized last month (that sweet family, Amoamah's). The husband, wife and two children are going to the temple, plus two of their son's friends who we just baptized 3 weeks ago. Not a better feeling as a missionary then to know that the people you helped come to the gospel are now going to the temple, even if it is for baptisms! Next year they will be able to do their endowments and sealing!!! I'm so stoked for that! If i have no other success on mission then that is ok!!

Today we are in Cape coast and got to play football with both cape zones and even swedru came so 4 zones of elders. We got 2nd in the "world cup" because i missed my penalty kick, heart breaker, not playing for so long really does things to ya, i think dad would know. haha. It was fun to talk with all the other elders though. Everyone keeps talking about this new area opening up in our mission! Its the capital city of the region just above Kumasi, i forget the name but the city is called sunyane! They are putting 6 elders there and missionaries are excited to see who will go to that place haha. This week has been a little different then the past, mostly because we baptized almost all of our investigators and now we actually have to do some finding, but no problem because many members promised us referrals this week and there were a few who brought them to church, imagine that, members doing missionary work? ITS SWEET FOR US WHEN THAT HAPPENS!! :D

Well not too much going on this week besides a training thing that all missions are starting to do. That ll be interesting, being trained by the mission president himself. I'm excited to learn!!

I have learned so many things while i have been here, but one thing that Ive been taught comes from the scripture in Mosiah 2:41 i think. President always talks about this scripture and reminds us of the pride cycle and how it just goes round and round and round and NEVER UP!! But in this scripture, king Benjamin describes how when the Lord blesses them and they prosper instead of turning to pride they show their gratitude, repent and move on to a new level of obedience. Ive definitely see that in my life this past one year. I feel like Ive been blessed so much to conquer a few weaknesses that were just irritating me. I know that as we focus on one thing at a time that the Lord will help us through it. Of course it is not for free. It takes work and i mean HARD work to do things the Lord's way, but its worth it. I have come to love the Book of Mormon more than ever. It really is the word of God and teaches us those precious truths that were taken out of the Bible, for example: agency and the Atonement. The Book of Mormon is clear that without agency the Atonement wouldn't mean anything and without the Atonement, neither would our agency. (2 Nephi 2). I used to be irritated when i knew i had to study the scriptures or even pray, but Ive seen a huge difference now that Ive changed my attitude about it. I love the time we have each morning to study and always feel like its never enough! It has enhanced the work I am involved in and now the Spirit is able to help me recall things that Ive learned, unlike before. I'm so grateful for this gospel and for the strength that the prophet Joseph Smith had! I cant wait to meet him haha. STUD! I know the church is true and that as I live by its teachings i will be bless now and eternity. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Love you guys, have a good week!


Elder Carton goin home.....


So excited for Tine to have gone to EFY....and bearing her testimony first in Sacrament, you go Tine!!!

Too many family vacations without me...sad story. I hope illinois is sweet! CARTHAGE AND NAUVOO!?? Im so jealous of that. They are sweet. I love it there. Those places are so nice, especially nauvoo. Its a sweet town. Sorry, i say sweet too much. Everyone here says it sooo thats why.

Im doing good. Hangin in there. Got to go on a lot of splits/interviews with elder carton, remember his mom? Hes from washington state near spokane. He gave me a hug today and said ok i wont see ya in a long while....i didnt catch on to that, then i realized again that he is going home next week. Holy crap was that an overwhelming feeling and its not even me going home!! I still have a year!! WHAT?! Im gunna be nervous haha. But this last week we had a chance to go to the praso river again, elder carton's suggestion, he wanted sweet pictures before he goes home. We jumped rocks across the huge river and took pictures, almost fell in in our priesthood (missionary dress). I asked him if he sent pictures home lately and he said he hasnt sent pictures home since the first couple months of his mission. He said him and his family agreed not to to see the big changes everyone would have. Is that a horrible idea for me to do? Are you mad at me for asking? Hahaha please dont be, just wondering what youd say? haha. Ill just send the pictures.

Glad everything is going well at home. Keep up the RS work, of course we are all being blessed for that. We completed the mission goal with the baptism yesterday. We baptized two children from the husband and wife family from last transfer and had one other guy who worked at the Forever Young school that Brigham Johnson is the owner of. It was sweet. The obrunees who were visiting the school came. One obrunee wanted a picture with the missionaries....felt wierd to talk to white girls, they actually have personality and to be honest, wore me out with talking so fast and so much, ummmm will that be how its like when i come home?? hahaha.

I love you guys. Have a sweet week! Karli, i hope you go .800 throughout the tournament!! Tine, Enjoy the pizza, and everyone enjoy the church sites if you get to go! Take all of it in!! Talk to ya next week probably! Transfer monday this monday coming up! Excitement (not in a complaining way but i sure hope something changes).

Love elder lehr! (cody!)

letter from 7/26/10...


Thanks for the email, internet isnt working well and im frustrated with it so this will be the only email today, sorry guys. Yes the debit card is working, the Barclays bank ATM was the problem so i just went to a different bank and it worked. Thanks! Sorry about the whole problem. So how is the ipod coming? or is it? I just got a butt load of packages, two from grandma Lehr and one from mom with some sweet letters from everyone except dad...whats up with that fool? haha jk. And a package from julie. There was a nice thank you card for the letter i wrote her.

This week has been sweet, now 7 people have baptism dates. 4 this saturday and then probably another 6 or so on the 14th of august. Should be sweet. We will complete the goal on saturday!! And there is a new area in the mission opening up soon called Sunyane. Its north west of kumasi and sounds like the church is going to BOOM there! The leaders of the city said they want to hear more about the church, of course president did WORK on them about our doctrines. Id love to be among the first to go there!! haha if not, oh well. I like it where i am. Just needing someone to talk to as i work is my quiet comps.

 I love you guys and tell the uncles i loved their letters....except for Dons letter... hahaha. Counting down the days for me and talking about food and rootbeer and AC everywhere, nice guy haha. Well i love you guys so much!! Have a nice week!

Love, Cody

Visit to the DEEP bush


Family!! This week has been sweet! We now have 5 people on the date to be baptized....the other guys have a whole bunch from other branches that have to come to our building cuz they don't have a font sooo the baptism is now too big to have together so we are having two different weeks for the baptisms. It ll be sweet. We will all complete the goal and have back ups just in case some new guys come and haven't finished it yet. On Wednesday we went out of our normal area because there is a man who has been coming with the 1st counselor to church for 2 weeks and we needed to teach him. We drove towards cape coast for a while and then stopped in a place called Twifo Hemang and from there took a car west into the DEEP bush....the 1st counselor was like "ya this is the first time missionaries have ever been out here." I had to stop and think about that...I cant believe there are so many places in the world that the church is still not in even though we are growing so fast. There are 100 members in Twifo Hemang that are mostly less-active because they couldn't afford to come anymore....its sad. Wish there could be a group put out here but the area president said no to that since there isnt much leadership in these areas yet. Once we get leaders this place will grow like crazy. President said that this place (Twifo Hemang) Could have like 400-500 members and split the branch in the first year. These people are READY to listen and follow the gospel. That would be sweet if i could be around when that branch starts! Hopefully by the end of the year! On Sunday we had a full house since some American teachers who teach at a school in Twifo Hemang came and brought a school bus full of people and students to church. They all knew the hymns and loved the church because the school they go to is Forever Young, the school that Billy Johnson started. Its kinda like an LDS has all grades. Billy Johnson is the guy who kept writing the church headquarters to get the church to start in Ghana!! Yaaa thats the guy. This place would grow so dang fast! Pray for leadership in these areas, missionaries cant do it all....they need leadership.

Well i hope girls camp was sweet!! Christine enjoy EFY!! You guys are going on too many softball/family vacations without me. Im kinda jealous....wish i could go. But, ive got a sweet work to do. I love it here. All the primary children know me and yell at me during the week when they see us passing. My comp isnt as friendly with them sooo they only know my name haha. I know enough Twi to ask them if they are coming to church and primary this Sunday and of course they all say yes. I then tell them to make sure BOTH of their parents come to church haha. I love the little kids here, they either love me or are scared to death to see a white person haha. I like teasing those ones.

Bro, Landon....get on a mission!! I cant wait for the day i receive an email saying where you are going!! That's so exciting! We need more missionaries here soooo just come here. That'd be nice! haha. I wish.

I love you guys so much. I hope you know how much i love this church and the changes that have come into my life because of the choices ive been taught to make. Satan is real and will never stop trying to work on each of us. Just overcome our weaknesses as they say here a lot in Ghana, "small small" or cancra cacra in twi. By small and simple things.... :D
I know its hard and of course following this church and gospel is going to be hard. Was it easy for the Nephites and Lamanites in the BOM? Was it easy for the apostles and Saints in Christs time? What about Joseph Smith and Brigham Young just 100 something years ago? It has never been easy to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. But if we can always remember the picture and quote that was on the refrigerator at home for years of Jesus Christ saying, "I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it." I love you and know that the temple plus prayers and scripture STUDY not just reading....can give us so much power and strength. Rely on Him always. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love you guys have a great week!


Banku, yum! My favorite!


Hey Family,

My companions name is Elder Bentum from Accra. Hes chill and we are working hard. 15 new investigators this week, i don't like talking about numbers. We gave a few people baptismal dates this last week so we should be finished with this new goal by the 31. Elder Holmes is paired with the Ivorian named Kouakou. (Kwaku is how its pronounced).

I lost interest in the world cup once the Germans lost...sigh. Good job Spain! Cant believe grandma is 70, she still moves like shes 50 hahaha. So you mean finally some mail?? SWEET!! Got the oreos....they are gone yesterday i ate them all.

I'm making CDs of all the pictures and videos....relax, these things take time.

So no rice or burger or fufu for me....yesterday it was BANKU!! That is one of my least favorite meals in Ghana, especially with the fish in the stew!! ahh! Still cant let members down and not eat it so Elder Holmes and i manned up and finished it all, once again our comps didn't eat anything. They really don't understand that if we get the part members to love us then one day the husband will be receptive....until they get it we'll just keep killing ourselves by finishing the HUGE amount of food we don't enjoy haha.

President Sabey talked about those elders in the Accra Mission....they are in deep trouble it sounds. Its a 50/50 case since the companions weren't around each other when the so called "rape" occurred so its her word verses his and both of them will be in trouble with the law if guilty... Ghana doesn't mess around with rape cases....if convicted they face a 25 year sentence...26 years til they return home to their families....President made me cry when he said that. Please pray for them, even if they broke some mission rules and even if they did it....25 years is too long. man! sorry to make you sad with this!

This week was pretty good...worked hard contacting for the soccer goal. The goal is we have to find people to teach during the matches then baptize one of them before Sept something.... we should be finished baptizing a few of them by the 31 of this month so that will be nice to not have the pressure of the goal. This next baptism should be pretty small....only about 15-20 people this time...small right? 10-12 of them are from another branch that have to come to our chapel for the font. hahaha Africa is booming!! If only more people could read English they'd accept the gospel like crazy here!! Education is a problem here. By next year president wants these 3 branches to be the center of a district...which is a stake but the mission president is in charge instead of a stake president. It ll be sweet to see how much things have grown and changed by this time next year...gotta stop thinking about a year from now. haha. So ya things are getting better in the apartment it seems. I hope. If not, ill let em fight next time.(tif between other Elders in our apt)  I got torn up last time and now im asking myself why i got in the middle. haha jk.

Well i love you all and am enjoying the missionary work here. I love being a missionary!! It is so sweet to see people change their lives because of the gospel and to think they could of never found it without missionaries searching around for humble people to teach. Missionaries all around the world are in the hands of the Lord performing miracles to further His work. It is real. Ive seen many miracles just in my small experience out here in the field. Cant wait to hear from all my friends from all over the world. Im guessing we have all had similar experiences with the Lord guiding our words or steps. Mission is sweet. I know the work is true and I know that there is no way id be out here if the church wasn't true. I now know it is. Im so thankful to my family for helping me get out here and for the support and love they continue to show me. You guys are great! Cant wait to come down that escalator at McCarran....not thinking about it. Anyways, have a good week and love you all! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love, Elder Lehr

Goal completed!!!


Hey my family!

Man, that Hawaiian teriaki stuff sounds horrible.... eat plenty of it for me!! Tell the whole family i miss them and love them and Happy Birthday Grandma Leuca! we got to play futbol today and enjoyed! We ate a few burgers at a sweet restaurant called..............MCDONALDS!! No not the real one....some knock off but it was pretty legit, no complaints. I ate two and a bunch of fries, a few cokes and an ice cream called mcflurry. It was sweet!! Spent a good 12 cedis on that! haha. Worth it!

Transfer news came this week and my companion left....he has been here for over 14 months so we knew it was coming. Dont have much time, bought like 10 mins and using most of it just to load this page haha. Hope the email sends! Things are good, new companion...interesting guy we were in the MTC together. The other American in the apartment also got a new companion, oh man how he disrespected some of the members his first Sunday here...he loves to chastise....and i was seriously about to take the Ivorian (from ivory coast) OUT BACK!! Man, I've never been so mad on my mission. He didn't eat the members food and expected us to finish it all. I'm my fathers son so i did but it wasn't easy!!

Some native elders in the Accra mission have been in jail....wrongly accused is what we've heard so far...very sad for that mission and especially their families!!
So i guess the missionaries were in jail all this week. Had a trial on Monday but something screwed up with what language the trial was supposed to be in so they have another one today for English. What a joke. I heard the girl was 14 and they helped her and her family out by using their apartment running water to fill some buckets for her and one day somebody called the cops because a young girl went into a missionaries apartment at night time and so whether they did anything or not nobody knows, but they at least had the girl in the apartment. Stupid mistake.... people here are looking for things to hate against the church. The media doesn't like the church....Satan at work for sure. It still helps the work regardless because people start asking us questions about the church and learn to love it! :D

Oh miracle of miracles.....every one finished the goal....of baptising a husband and a wife. Everyone in the whole mission did it and in 4 1/2 months!!!! The Lord's work is really progressing here in Ghana.

No more dancing in the streets for Ghana....lost World Cup Game to Uruguay!

Still jealous about the boat....maybe next summer, oh wait....i might be home by the end of that summer.....suuuuhhweeeet!!!! :D

Well i love you guys!!! :D

Elder Lehr

World Cup...bye bye US :(


Hey guys!

So much to say... well first off yes we lost and YES everyone was going crazy all night long!! Dancing and partying, loud music and screaming haha. It was pretty sweet to see how united a country can be over just one sport, never had that before haha. Everyone was giving me and Elder Holmes crap because we are the only white Americans in the whole village. Man it was hard to be patient. lol.

We did have our baptism on Friday!! It was pretty sweet! Everyone showed up so we had 9 in all. We invited President and Sister Sabey and apparently their son returned from Argentina on his mission and came to Ghana straight away so they were all at the baptism. It was cool for the branch to have his support. Sister Sabey was so happy to have her son home, couldn't help but think about how happy my mommy will be haha. So the goal is finished!!! There are like 8 missionaries who still have to finish by this Sunday, the last Sunday left!! All of them are in the same zone, kinda scary but have faith! We even were able to contact our families few older children during a match and they are interested so the next goal wont really be much of a problem no matter what companion I get. Transfer news is today! That came fast! 6 weeks already... I wish they all were this fast. I like it when things go fast! So i bet my companion leaves since he has been here 14 months. He would leave Wednesday if it happened. There will probably be a lot of changes this transfer in the mission, lots of missionaries coming in. It will be sweet. President has worked on a few new apartments and areas for the church to be in so there will be some opening up of new areas which will be sweet!

Today was a sweet P-day!! We went to Kakum which is one of the only rain forests left in west africa. There is a huge canopy rope bridge walk. Its like 150 feet or so. Not too bad, our Ghanaian companions were freakin out though haha. They hate heights, but so do I, I just don't show it like they do. I was swinging the bridge and really messing with them. Took lots of pictures! After that we waited to get a tro to a nice resort hotel called Hans Cottage. We were almost there when i realized i left my bag on a bench on the side of the road when we waited for a car. No big deal, just an ipod and flash drive and pictures that i need to send you and some letters for we rushed back freaking out about the whole thing. Found that the bag was never touched....there were some criminal looking guys who sell things to tourists at Kakum and apparently they never saw it because it would of been gone for sure! Tender mercy!! Ok, then we went all the way back to Hans Cottage and walked around a huge pond full of crocodiles, SWEET!!! 40 plus crocs in the pond! Then we got to touch one, lots of pictures again!! Ate some burgers! Then we are finishing the day printing baptism pictures and emailing then heading home to wait for transfer news! What a full week!!

Yesterday I really felt like i was going to puke because i ate wayyy too much fufu. The member made more then usual and everyone was already somehow full. I just kept swallowing little pieces til it was gone, my companion was surprised because its usually him who saves the day by finishing it up haha. I was going to pop! Walking the long way home hurt haha. I love fufu now.

I love you guys!! Have a good week! I'll let you know if anything happens to anyone in the apartment for transfers! Transfer week is never really productive especially when people are moving out and in. Gotta go!

Love Elder Lehr

Loving the Bush


Hey Family,

How are you? mom, Stop crying yet? Bahaha I'm sorry to laugh....just funny how we both have the same feelings sometimes. Some days its just not easy to be so far away. Two years is a long time but the year is coming so i guess that came quick. Of course I'm your favorite son, I'm your only son even though Tine is a tough girl and Bug plays sports like a guy. HAHA Don't tell them that. Ohh World Cup...Just hoping the US beats Algeria then we can advance and maybe play Ghana for the first game, haha that would be interesting and fun. Everyone here goes crazy when somebody scores, especially African teams and of course Brasil... They are just too good.

My companion will probably be transferred this transfer, president has kind of hinted that he has been here long enough and needs a change. Just hope i don't train a new missionary here. There are 3 elders leaving next week and 12 coming so lots of expansion in some areas and a lot of people training and all that junk. It'll be interesting.

Sorry for Manny....hes dang good so who cares about Boston fans. Haha. Dodgers still good this year or what??

My Branch President here is as young as Bishop Prince and he is a stud too! He served his mission here and served in Asokwa way back when and was a zone leader there haha. Hes a sweet guy and knows what he is doing. This branch has only been here for maybe 5 years and is a branch of from another branch down the road. This area is growing pretty fast compared to other places. We are finishing the family goal this week Friday with a baptism of 6 including a sweet family. The husband and wife have two other kids we are going to start teaching and we contacted them during a world cup game so they both qualify for the next mission goal that has already started. I'm not worried about the missionary work next transfer, just worried about the new companion I'll probably be getting. Never know...

That's freakin sweet about Nate Waggoner's mission call! Philippines will be sweet!!!! That place is growing! He'll probably speak Tigalo... That's what the member who was in Asokwa who was from the Philippines spoke. They are a sweet people! Landon?? No mission call? We wont see each other for at least 3 years now haha....sucky.

Yes the soups are the same as in Kumasi...i just like how they cook them here....much better. I'm a machine now when it comes to eating fufu....i wasn't til this transfer because the soups weren't that good. I love abenkwine...which is palm nut soup. Its these orange colored nuts that grow on huge palm trees that they grind up. It makes your whole face orange and your hand orange. Its sweet. Its my favorite soup!!

We are hopefully going to Cacum next Monday just us four... its the rope bridge place you've probably seen pictures of. We'll see if we can go.

Well i love you!

Elder Lehr

"OWO"---The Black Mamba


Hey Family!

The last few days have been really exciting yet difficult. This mission goal is not an easy one, but it seems like everyone is keeping it haha. Even in the far out reaches of Twifo Praso there is plenty of temptation, yes even members asking us to come in and watch and yes even Ghana's match on Sunday. You just don't understand how much they love it here. People ran up and down the streets with Ghana flags screaming when they won...I just keep saying, it was against Serbia, so what. Could Ghana tie England? Doubt it. Haha. We'll see. Anyways, a lot has happened this last two weeks. An Elder in Assin Foso got hit by a car while riding his bike, concussion and a night at the wonderful Ghana hospital (bush hospital). Hes fine now and said after it happened that he WILL ride bikes again hahaha. Hes mad at me for writing this to you right now haha.

Last Saturday we went to a members farm and cut down trees in their "farm" jungle. We crawled through trees and bushes to even get to the farm haha. It was sweet.We were IN the jungle chopping down trees! I have a huge fear of snakes and they had to reassure me that you don't see snakes in Ghana very often so i felt better, but then after we were finished and tired, we rested all sitting down kinda in a circle and one of the members started screaming the word "OWO!!" really loud and everyone except me and the other American got up screaming and running away. I WAS TERRIFIED AND DIDNT KNOW WHY!! I didn't know "OWO" means snake in Twi. Haha. IT WAS A BLACK MAMBA!!No it wasn't Kobe Bryant in Ghana it was a real Black mamba! Elder Ayim took a machete and killed the crap out of it...100% kill rate without anti-venom and there is NONE in Ghana sooo i guess it was a scary experience. We laughed at it though. I love farming here! Its sweet!

Today we are in cape coast and played soccer on the beach, WHAT A NICE CHANGE TO P-DAY! Elder Harris is right when he said it felt like we were on an island in Kumasi. Ive now seen all the missionaries in the mission in just this transfer which is fun. After the beach we got dressed and the other cape coast zone said we could go to the castle and get a free tour because there is a recent convert who is in charge of it and said we could come. So we went there today! It was pretty sweet, got some pictures. The stories weren't happy ones of course. All the slaves that came from Africa came from one of 3 castles and the cape coast one had the most come out of it. It was fun to see Elder Adjeifio and Elder Akoki! They are companions and zone leaders together!! So funny to see them together, two funny guys together as zone leaders. They both say the same thing about leadership positions haha. Not a fun job unless its your "dream" like some elders. Kinda funny.

Sorry about the softball tourny! You win some you lose some. Beat out by a little girl? Sorry....bahaha. What a downer to the confidence/cocky level. Haha humbling experience im sure. Love ya!

My companion is sweet! I hope we stay together longer but im sure he wont be here much longer since hes been here 14 months. THE SAME BED FOR 14 MONTHS! I couldn't do that. 9 was plenty for me. We have 2 elders leaving and 12 coming so it looks like some areas are going to be opened up! Maybe even in our area since there is 3 branches to us 4 missionaries. Its cool though, i really enjoy this area. Its just far from Assin Foso and far from Cape Coast. Horrible roads getting to either place and we travel to those places at least once a week on average for something. This week we have interviews so we are traveling to Assin Foso for that because that is where the District Center is and most of the missionaries in our zone including Elder Harris are close to there. They can email there but because we don't always go there that's why its every other week. The road is just not worth traveling to email. As much as i love hearing from you its just not an easy thing to do and to put my companion through for my benefit and yours so sorry.

No, i haven't gotten your letters but i might get them Wednesday if they are in. We'll see! I hope so!

Anyways, the power has turned off twice and Ive been scared for losing this email because the first time i lost everything and had to re-write the email again, kinda frustrating. I'm loving life and enjoying the area and companion. Wont last long since transfers is coming. I love you guys and miss you!

Love Elder Lehr

PS There is probably more i could write you but since the power has turned off twice Ive lost my train of thought, sorry. GO US!!! DESTROY SLOVENIA AND ALGERIA SO WE CAN BE THE NUMBER ONE SEED!!!!

Zone Conference--last week--posted late


I don't have much time to write today, we tried our cafe in Twifo Praso and it didn't work so we are in Cape Coast today since today is zone conference, so we have a short time to write some stuff. I love the new area and my new companion and apartment. His name is elder Ayim and he is in Elder Adjeifio's group. He is almost 26...ya thats his age. Awesome guy and a studly missionary. He has been in this area for almost 14 months and loves it as i do! Its a great experience this last week!

We have a new goal that is starting early even though this last goal hasn't finished yet. It is not not watch a single match of the World Cup and we have to baptize a person that we contacted during the hours of when a world cup match is playing. We have a month to find those people and then til September to have them baptized. Oh and by the way....i still haven't finished this last goal, there are 4 of us in the zone and 3 of the 4 came from Kumasi this last transfer, if that tells you anything about Kumasi. haha. My area is bush but its not so bad. The apartment is probably the nicest building in the little town/village. Almost all of our lessons are in Twi, Elder Ayim translates everything. Kind of annoying but its fine, i love it. The members here are amazing...much better leadership and help from members. I guess there hasn't been a white elder in this are for more than a year and now there is me and Elder Holmes from Kumasi. Its kinda funny to see how the primary children react to us. Some scream and cry and the others love us! Way funny. I love it here and am glad for the change. I guess Elder Harris is in the most bush part of the mission. They go at 6:30am and farm til noon 3 times a week. He said today that he loves his area, but he hasn't been to the farm yet.

Assin Foso is the zones name and yes its almost halfway to Kumasi from Cape Coast, but Twifo Praso is another hour west of Assin Foso....Its far. We drive through jungle dirt roads to get there. I really love it. The people are so great! We teach so many lessons without even trying. My companion really works hard and i love it. He is a stud. Even when both of us are exhausted and about to sleep, he'll say, Companion lets go! At first it sucks but after walking it goes away and we really get a lot of work done. There are 3 branches out here in this area so we take a huge area of Twifo Praso branch and the other elder take the other two branches and a small area of Twifo Praso. They don't really go to the other areas to proselyte in, but just teach the investigators that came to church on Sunday.

Even though I'm in a MUCH smaller town/village area, i love it. Its so sweet here... You would be surprised at what i call normal haha. Everything here is just normal to me now, weird feeling. Ladies pulling down there shirts to breast feed in the middle of lessons, no problem. TroTros driving crazy fast, people speaking only Twi, and seeing only on two story building which is our apartment (we only have the top story haha) is all normal to me here. Hahaha. Im much better at pounding and eating fufu and will definitely have to get better since we do plenty of both.

Well i love you and i think we can email next week since we are going to Takoradi next Monday for futbol against their zone. Its a full field and should be sweet! Oh and i forgot to mention it but my companion has a wooden bench press with huge rocks on the sides of a big metal bar so ill be lifting the next weeks maybe months. Should be sweet. Actually get strong again hopefully. Its getting ridiculous haha.

Love you guys!!

PS: I saw the beach today! Bet you can say that!! :D :D ITS SOO NICE!

No email this week :(


Cody was transferred last Wed. to a village called Assin Praso. He will not be able to email each week, every other week is all. I believe he is now located half way between Kumasi (where he was for the past 9 months) and Cape Coast. This is his very first transfer in the 9 months he's been in Ghana.

Out 9 months & 1st transfer........going to the bush


Ya sorry, it was just nice for once to read emails and not write something back. Felt like i talked to you guys about everything that was going on already haha. Sorry if you guys were bummed. There's just not a lot to say this week either. It was a fun and productive week. Went to Edmund's house on Thursday...taught him for two hours on the plan of salvation haha...went well til he said he wanted to tell us why he couldn't be baptized. :( Apparently he never did the marriage ceremony...cant get baptized her in Kumasi without that. Cape coast you can because of the different traditions. haha. Anyways, so that sucked but it will happen just a matter of time now. Kinda sittin here waiting for transfer news, kinda exciting, always is even though I've never had anything happen to me haha. Its funny to hear the other missionaries talk about transfers and their wishes. I don't really have any wishes, the work is still the work haha. I'm still here, not at home, doing missionary work for another 15 months haha. Transfers don't phase me, even though a change in scenery would be cool, beach maybe.... :)

We played soccer this morning which was nice, then it rained this afternoon again , i love that. Our district has been hanging out the whole day at our apartment and they'll come over again after we finish up here at the cafe. Everyone is doing well, Elder Clement's little sister who is barely graduating is getting married sometime. Some return missionary from UT that he doesn't know and has no clue how they even met because he doesn't go to BYU-I. He was kinda freaked about his little sister. On mothers day she told him that they went to Idaho Falls to pick out rings. He just sat there quiet after saying that to us haha, poor guy.

Well i love you guys a lot and it was great hearing from you! Ive been taking some more pictures so sometime ill send a cd of them all or something. Have a great week!

Love, Elder LEhr

Soooo i just got called....I am going to Chiefo Praso (Assin Foso)...which is like the most bush part of the mission. THE VILLAGE!! It'll be sweet, mixed emotions. Just so you know....that whole zone that
I'm going to can only email once every two weeks so don't be shocked if i don't write back next Monday. Not sure when they email or where they go to email, probably way down to the mission home. Either way...I'm going to the jungle, it should be sweet! This is going to be REAL Africa! Haha I'm stoked.

Talk to you guys later!

Love you!

Less than a week til Mother's Day :)


Hey my family,

Wow i miss you guys, this week flew especially cuz p-day was on Tuesday and now its Monday so fast. That was nice. We are baptizing the man Edmund for the goal but his wife is in Accra. Don't really have ANY other prospects. Wish we did, but it looks like the Lord has a plan for us to be able to perform a miracle for him. ITS SCARY AND SOMEHOW FAITH SHAKING, but the Lord can always help us accomplish the thing that he has commanded us so its all good.

Conference was pretty great! Still haven't seen Sunday afternoon, but i saw all the rest because the Kiffer's have conference and we watched priesthood and another one and then two sessions on Sunday at church. IT WAS SWEET! Wow do they really hit hard on families....I'm kinda worried about what must be coming if they ALL spoke about families.

Dad, I think about wrestling you a lot haha... I'm definitely out of your weight class when i can barely do 3 pull ups....i tried today, about cried at how weak i am. What a girl. Ghana is still Ghana...haha. Still in the same area and no i don't get to be in the "bush" all that much. Ive walked through a few areas that are SWEET to go houses just jungle paths...kinda scary at night, don't tell mom haha. I'm not even close to 9 months! Don't count the chickens!! I hate thinking about how much time...when i always think about it, it just feels so much slower then what it really is. I cant wait to call you'll be freakin sweet!

Teaching people the first 4-5 months is difficult but it gets better. That's about how long it was for me when i noticed how comfortable i was in AFRICA! It was a weird feeling. Mission is a whole different kind of tough....physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.... that's what is so great about it....when could i ever get this kind of on the job training towards becoming like my Father in Heaven?!!? The only time i could think of is the Second Coming, but besides that, this is it!!! Haha. Its tough and its definitely a well kept church secret. lol.

Can't wait to call you all on Mother's Day....hope this week goes by fast.

I love you all,
Elder Lehr

A Day Late.........& probably a dollar short :)



I miss you guys like crazy haha. Mothers day will be great!! What time is church 11am? Ill try to call when you guys get out of church, if not then ill do it before. Its a 7 hour difference so we'll see. Just be prepared, it all depends on the other elders in the apartment. Well this week was freakin great! Mostly because of what happened Sunday...So Edmund (the old man who's wife is still in accra:( ) Came to church again and now is hopefully getting baptized on the 16th!! Im stoked for that...except that his wife isnt here in Kumasi yet. Anyways....later that night we had an appointment set up with Harrison (the college nurse guy who has a party life style, like 23) and asked President before hand if he'd go with us to interview him for baptism since he has had some problems. IT WAS SWEET!!! To be honest it was a little nerve racking being with president and teaching small with him. Idk i shouldn't of been nervous but i still was haha. It went soooo well!! Harrison has a few small things to do and just needs to make a commitment to follow the Law of Chastity which he said he'd do....hopefully he is baptized the same day with Edmund! Peter is another investigator who is ready for baptism and needs to come to church so that he can be baptized....maybe 3 future leaders all baptized in a few weeks! Its exciting news for Asokwa! THEY NEED PRIESTHOOD! haha.

Next week Sunday we get to go to UST chapel and watch 2 sessions, probably one from Saturday and one from Sunday...The Elders in that ward are going to ask to stay and watch the rest of the CD's. So we'll see! Im so stoked for that!! I cant believe im having two general conferences in the same ward for the last 8-9 months. Its kinda crazy that I've been here in one area that long but I'm loving it! So hopefully no transfers again!:D Never know with president (or should i say,The Lord) though! The following Sunday is Stake conference and more importantly, MOTHERS DAY PHONE CALL! :D

This week has been really awesome....the lessons are flowing and Elder Clements and I really feel like we have been blessed this whole week. We can see it in how well the lessons have gone and how well the investigators have responded. The Lord is really helping us and we can feel Him there! I just love that. Our ward is becoming more helpful and productive, especially since they changed leadership and a young returned missionary is now the Elders Quorum Prez. Its sweet...he went with us on Sunday for a little while and with the other elders on Saturday along with our ward mission leader (first time for him since I've been here). It seems to be going well... they have officially started home teaching finally...5 months later after telling us they would haha. I love the ward and the members though!! :D

Well that's all that has really happened this week except the usual teaching and district meetings. We had interviews yesterday and it didn't seem like anyone is going for our district, but you never know. I did get the package and loved it!! We used the chopper that day making garlic bread! Chopped up some garlic and fried it in butter...thanks to Sister Kiffer, she told us to try it!! Makes spaghetti so much better and its legit garlic bread! Or maybe my tastes are changing haha.

I love you guys!!

Elder Lehr

Same area......8 months later



I'm now 20...cant believe it. haha. Anyways...the work is going great. gotta love it when investigators show up to church haha. Harrison came and that old man Edmund who is going to bring his wife when she comes back to town. George and his nephew came, HE TOLD US HE WANTS TO GET BAPTIZED! He knows its true, he just hasn't had the chance to come to church much, which has to change if he wants baptism. Cant just baptize anyone, like elders used to here, hence the 300 less-actives. The work is going well, it was kinda cool to have zone conference on my b-day. We went to the only good restaurant in town and had pizza and burgers and ate a few ice cream bars....big spender haha. It was fun. The week flew by yet again. Its crazy how 8 months snuck up on me, this Wednesday. 1/3 .... cant believe that either, a lot more to learn.

Nothing really big happened this week to mention, but i guess i could talk about that picture of elder Clements and I with the chicken that has no head. Well...Elder Clements was talking about how he is sick of rice or noodles and wanted something good and then he thought of buying a live chicken and killing it. He knows how so why stop him? Hahaha....i thought he'd be the one doing it and then when it came to cutting it off, he turned and looked at me asking me if id kill it and he'd hold it hahaha. My heart was beating, not a big deal but I've never killed an animal before. Kinda funny. You'll have to see the video haha.

I really wish i could have conference to watch or sounded good. I caught a small bit of the priesthood session, but not very much of it. We should get to watch some of it with the stake a week or two after mother's day, I'm excited for that.

Sorry it's such a short email this week, not too much has happened. That's what happens when you're in the same area for 9 months at the end of this transfer. haha. I love Asokwa though. The work is progressing much faster then it was a year or two ago, says some of the members. Asokwa was the best ward in Kumasi, then everyone moved away when the wards split sooo it's left with not many members.

Anyways, I love you guys so much and cant wait to call you on mother's day!! :D It's coming!

Love, Elder Lehr

Happy Birthday Elder Lehr



Anyways, Life in Ghana is always interesting. Always. Elder Harris was rushed to the hospital, he was in a whole lot of pain, coming from his right kidney. Everyone thought it was like kidney stones or something. Still not sure exactly cuz the doctors here are always full and you have to get there extremely early to get a spot with the doctor for that day. Sound like whats going to happen in the states?? Hope not, if so....lets go to Mexico! Ive always wanted to learn Spanish haha. Anyways he's ok now and passed something on Saturday, but still has to meet with a urologist on Wednesday if he gets there early enough. I think it's hilarious while you guys are all freaking out cuz its African hospitals and needles and all that....its safe here don't worry haha. I found out today from the Kiffers that Ghana is not considered a 3rd world country! That surprised me a little bit, but hey...there is definitely areas that are more like 12th world if you asked me haha. Anyways, just thought id let you know about him. The UST apartment which is in my district got two different elders. One is from Uganda and the other is elder Clements MT and he is from Samoa. Both way cool guys, we'll enjoy another 6 weeks.

There is a couple in UST ward that are missionaries for some of the branches out past Kumasi area and their son is one of the best players for Ghana's national team! Anyways...his name is Kojo Asamoah and he is coming home next month so we definitely want to meet him. That will be sweet.

Cant believe that i will be 20 this week....still not real to me. Neither is serving a mission in Africa, at least most days it's not normal. I have just determined that i will be here in Asokwa ward for the whole two years....with that in mind it's not so bad to think about 9 months in Asokwa ward after this transfer. Kinda crazy but i like it so its not a big deal.

The family we are working with lately came to church this week, well at least the husband did. Still haven't met the wife because she is still in Accra. She should be home soon as in a couple weeks. He tells us they will come to church together and she wont have any problems joining him. :D :D :D I loved hearing that. We'll see how that goes and work on him and others til this goal is finished. These goals are difficult but definitely amazing experiences of trusting in the Lord and the goal that HE has set. Be obedient, work hard as if it all depends on me and my companion, then pray as if everything depends on Him who sent me. It sounds simple, but it has taken a lot of practice and im still in training with it haha. I have learned so much on my mission and seem to have changed a lot. I loved the priesthood talks by Uchtdorf and Eyring. Those were like the only ones we could download audio for but they are amazing!! Cant wait til next month to see some of them live. Patience patience patience.

Well this week is going to fly by...District meeting tomorrow then institute on Wednesday that we are trying to get investigators to, (its a trial each week haha.) and then zone conference on Thursday...every six weeks! I sure do love zone conference. Mail possibilities, meals both physically and spiritually which motivates all of us to work hard and do what is right all the way up to the next one where that motivation comes again. We continue that every six weeks and before you know it....I'm turning 20 and 8 months on mission....still feel green....still act green. Which is good because some guys lose that MTC fire fast. I know i did, but its been really good for me because now i have to keep myself motivated and the only way to do that is just go out and work! :D This work is divine! haha.

Well i love you guys so much. Glad you enjoyed the ranch house...definitely miss the prime rib. :D Have a great week and remember that a certain Missionary (not a teen-ager)in Africa thinks about you always and loves you so much!

Love, Elder Lehr

Transfers came.....and went



Easter!!! Happy EASTER! Wow, wasn't it just Christmas?? Time is flying and i cant seem to catch up! Am i really going to learn and become what i need to before i go home haha. Long ways away. I am loving life right now haha. Elder Clements is sweet and we are setting up one somewhat big (at least for our area) baptism hopefully for May 16. There is Harrison, Samuel, Peter, George (possibly his NEW wife, GOAL) and another man who came to church this last Sunday and will be bringing his wife when she returns from Accra. It seems like everyone travels all the time to Accra. It gets annoying when members and investigators either have callings or reading assignments and don't do it because they "traveled to Accra." Not much i can do about so the complaining is finished.

Ok now for the exciting news! Elder Clements and i got into 2, i repeat 2 car accidents this week!!!! Hahaha, both were hilarious and not serious by a long shot. The first was with the Kiffers, he was going to turn left and a water truck behind us didn't want to slow down so he tried passing us on the LEFT side, the side we were turning! And BOOM! haha. Everyone was definitely ok and no police was needed which is a good thing cuz they just take money from everyone since they can do that, they have the badge and uniform haha. (side note, people steal police uniforms just to get money from people cuz they cant find a job, kinda sad and a little dishonest i think). Anyways, the second one happened today as we were driving back from a stake activity for young adults (we took Harrison and Samuel) and our taxi driver was about to enter a roundabout and was staring at these freakin sweet puppies (there isn't any good looking dogs in Ghana, so its a surprise to seem any at all) and then BAM Rear-ends the guy in front of us. I was laughing at the guy damage was done so everyone got back into the car and left. Don't worry mom, I'm healthy and perfectly safe!

TRANSFER NEWS CAME TODAY! I don't know why i put that in big letters, nothing happened to our apartment, we are all staying, which i am definitely happy for because i get to be with elder Clements and stay for the goal and for the phone call and for the fruits of our labors hopefully may 16! So that is definitely good. Our district has changed though, Elder Jeppeson is training, not sure who yet. Elder Holmes is moving to the zone leaders apartment with elder Kwapong (Elder Clements and Ekaette's MT group) and soo some new faces are coming into that apartment. It should be a good 6 weeks and im stoked for it! Cant believe at the end of it ill be 9 months, that's kinda crazy, still not far at all and i still feel green! Which is good cuz satisfaction is when my progression stops.

The church is really strong here in Ghana, even though its small. They are always looking for the missionaries to do a whole lot of things we normally wouldn't be doing if we served at home. I can say we do a whole lot of the home teaching and reactivating and missionary work and fellowship. They even want us to baptize their children when they turn 8, i said heck no to that one and put that one straight!!! Their family needs to see the worthy priesthood holder perform an ordinance for his children!! That's no negotiable. haha. Couldn't believe it when they asked me, even the bishop said to come to us about it. I was shocked. Also, gotta change the fact that they want missionaries to bless the Sacrament...They have plenty of priesthood holders, they just need to get their butts in gear and come on time to do their duty. Working on that as well. We teach a lot about how important that sacrament really is and how its the main reason we go to church and that they need to be on time. We use the example of how us missionaries are invited for a nice Fu-Fu meal at their house and they take all day to pound it and prepare it and we either don't come or reject it when we get there and we ask them how they would feel if that happened. Of course they said horrible and we relate it to our Savior's sacrifice for us and how we are rejecting it when we don't come on time. It may sound harsh but that's kinda how the culture is here, they either need to hear it harshly or else they just wont ever change. So that's what we have been working with lately. Overwhelming sometimes but its the work we are here to do! Even if most of it is supposed to be the wards responsibility, we are teaching them small small.

I hope Easter was awesome, sounds like it was, especially since you guys got to watch conference. sigh. Oh well, it'll come. I love you guys so much and think of you all the time. I am working hard and enjoying my mission %100! I love this feeling and i love the work! Helping people understand the truth and seeing their lives change is kind of a big deal for our Father in Heaven to trust us young men to do. wow. I love seeing things in my own life change, i don't notice it at all day by day but when it comes to months or even when i first came, there is a big difference which is how its supposed to be. My testimony is stronger than ever and my desire to do good and be good is always increasing even when its difficult! I love you guys and will hear from you in a month and a half's time!! :D

Love, Elder Lehr

Amazing week



This week was filled with plenty of amazing experiences! First off....It is the BEST feeling to walk in on your investigator and he is reading the Book of Mormon of his bed! Wow...Elder Clements and I were stoked! It made our week! The best part is that it doesnt end there. He came to church and is prepared for Baptism! I hope i dont get transferred before that! Well the next day, (Wednesday) we went to an investigator who was referred by a member and we've been working with him but havent seen him in a while cuz he works a lot. Well HE QUOTED FROM ALMA TWICE IN OUR LESSON WITH HIM. The First was alma 32 about faith likened unto a seed and the second one was alma 34 about what we should pray for! WOW!!! I loved it, once again it is the best feeling when investigators actually read the Book of Mormon! It doesnt end here... He then took us to a friend of his who we taught twice last week and he is progressing which is great! That same Wednesday we went after institute with a member who brought us to a family to start teaching! THE MAN DOESNT LIKE OBAMA! It was kinda funny the things he was saying and how intelligent he sounded, just 2 things you usually dont find here in Ghana, let alone Africa. E Clements and i were busting up laughing. He seems really interested and would definitely stay in the church if converted. We go there this Wednesday sooo we'll see! Asokwa has changed!!! We have had 6 referrals this week from members and the work is moving! GREAT! Right when changes are coming next Monday-Wednesday. Sigh.

On Friday Elder Clements and I uhh...... Ill wait til next week to write about it hahaha. Lets jsut say you wont believe what we did and what Elder Clements got me to do :)

I love you guys and sorry its so short!

I love you guys!

Love Elder Lehr



Good afternoon/ Morning FAMILY!

Sounds like another crazy week for everyone especially with Tine's JFDI and Karlis softball. Always exciting things at our house haha. I am definitely using projection and enthusiasm, but mostly pronunciation because they speak English here kind of like they are from the UK, so maybe ill have a sweet accent when i come home, hopefully i don't sound like a retard too much. This week went so fast and was jam packed. It was a mission tour week which means a member of the area presidency comes to speak to all the missionaries and check out the mission. So President Dixon came to Kumasi on Thursday. He is incredible. He has been a general authority for 18 years on 4 different continents including china and India and Pakistan! Served in Buenos Aires! and a mission president in Mexico. He lost his right arm to cancer just before serving a mission when he was "young." Its crazy! He had to learn how to do everything with his left arm and he called it a blessing! And said that in the resurrection he isn't going to know what to do with a right arm! haha. Funny guy. It was a powerful meeting, he talked a lot about DnC 50 where it talks about teaching by the Spirit and the people being taught are learning by the Spirit and everyone is edified! One thing i really remembered was when he said that when you know that everyone in the lesson is feeling the spirit don't be afraid to commit the person or people to make covenants! I had that same experience the next day!! Elder Clements and i were teaching some college aged guys and everyone was feeling it so strong so we committed them to baptism after they've prayed to know that these things are true. They said yes! Haha, imagine that. It was a good testimony builder for me! :) Great experience. Those same guys came to church yesterday so that was what made our week!

I'm so excited about KEL!! Go Elder Winder! That's awesome! He'll love it.

And about Tine's leadership training! I WANT VIDEO OF HER GRADUATION! :D

This morning our zone went to the cultural center here in Kumasi which was interesting. They showed us a lot of cool things like how they make the Kentay cloth and pottery and woodcarvings. There is this disabled guy who has a shop and he paints incredible paintings of Africa theme and he does it all by using a paintbrush....IN HIS MOUTH! Pretty cool, cant really bargain his prices so we didn't buy anything from him haha. Sweet paintings though! It was cool to actually DO something for P-day instead of stay in the apt. all day long. Next week we are supposed to play football or volley-pong, which is ironically volleyball and ping-pong mixed. Its pretty sweet.

The Lord works in mysterious ways....but they wouldn't seem so mysterious if we were closer to our Father in Heaven. If I've learned anything so far its that the Lord is so willing to provide and even to work miracles in our lives and in the lives of others. But i haven't always been the one to think that they could happen to me or in front of my eyes. Wow have I been wrong?! If I would just be submissive to His will and ask for blessings upon those we are teaching or searching for, He would provide. Its amazing how easy that is right? Haha. I love this work. I love my family. You guys are always on my mind. I miss you so much. This is what I'm supposed to be doing though, so might as well be the best that i can be while I'm here. :)

Hope you have a good week :D

Love Elder Lehr