New couple missionaries-"The Zolls" 06/29/11

New couple missionaries-"The Zolls"                              06/29/11

Elder David & Elder Lehr

Elder David & Elder Lehr

Good bye to Pres & Sis Sabey

Good bye to Pres & Sis Sabey

Missing my Silverstone Ward

Missing my Silverstone Ward
Silverstone sticker on back of van

No email this week :(


Cody was transferred last Wed. to a village called Assin Praso. He will not be able to email each week, every other week is all. I believe he is now located half way between Kumasi (where he was for the past 9 months) and Cape Coast. This is his very first transfer in the 9 months he's been in Ghana.

Out 9 months & 1st transfer........going to the bush


Ya sorry, it was just nice for once to read emails and not write something back. Felt like i talked to you guys about everything that was going on already haha. Sorry if you guys were bummed. There's just not a lot to say this week either. It was a fun and productive week. Went to Edmund's house on Thursday...taught him for two hours on the plan of salvation haha...went well til he said he wanted to tell us why he couldn't be baptized. :( Apparently he never did the marriage ceremony...cant get baptized her in Kumasi without that. Cape coast you can because of the different traditions. haha. Anyways, so that sucked but it will happen just a matter of time now. Kinda sittin here waiting for transfer news, kinda exciting, always is even though I've never had anything happen to me haha. Its funny to hear the other missionaries talk about transfers and their wishes. I don't really have any wishes, the work is still the work haha. I'm still here, not at home, doing missionary work for another 15 months haha. Transfers don't phase me, even though a change in scenery would be cool, beach maybe.... :)

We played soccer this morning which was nice, then it rained this afternoon again , i love that. Our district has been hanging out the whole day at our apartment and they'll come over again after we finish up here at the cafe. Everyone is doing well, Elder Clement's little sister who is barely graduating is getting married sometime. Some return missionary from UT that he doesn't know and has no clue how they even met because he doesn't go to BYU-I. He was kinda freaked about his little sister. On mothers day she told him that they went to Idaho Falls to pick out rings. He just sat there quiet after saying that to us haha, poor guy.

Well i love you guys a lot and it was great hearing from you! Ive been taking some more pictures so sometime ill send a cd of them all or something. Have a great week!

Love, Elder LEhr

Soooo i just got called....I am going to Chiefo Praso (Assin Foso)...which is like the most bush part of the mission. THE VILLAGE!! It'll be sweet, mixed emotions. Just so you know....that whole zone that
I'm going to can only email once every two weeks so don't be shocked if i don't write back next Monday. Not sure when they email or where they go to email, probably way down to the mission home. Either way...I'm going to the jungle, it should be sweet! This is going to be REAL Africa! Haha I'm stoked.

Talk to you guys later!

Love you!

Less than a week til Mother's Day :)


Hey my family,

Wow i miss you guys, this week flew especially cuz p-day was on Tuesday and now its Monday so fast. That was nice. We are baptizing the man Edmund for the goal but his wife is in Accra. Don't really have ANY other prospects. Wish we did, but it looks like the Lord has a plan for us to be able to perform a miracle for him. ITS SCARY AND SOMEHOW FAITH SHAKING, but the Lord can always help us accomplish the thing that he has commanded us so its all good.

Conference was pretty great! Still haven't seen Sunday afternoon, but i saw all the rest because the Kiffer's have conference and we watched priesthood and another one and then two sessions on Sunday at church. IT WAS SWEET! Wow do they really hit hard on families....I'm kinda worried about what must be coming if they ALL spoke about families.

Dad, I think about wrestling you a lot haha... I'm definitely out of your weight class when i can barely do 3 pull ups....i tried today, about cried at how weak i am. What a girl. Ghana is still Ghana...haha. Still in the same area and no i don't get to be in the "bush" all that much. Ive walked through a few areas that are SWEET to go houses just jungle paths...kinda scary at night, don't tell mom haha. I'm not even close to 9 months! Don't count the chickens!! I hate thinking about how much time...when i always think about it, it just feels so much slower then what it really is. I cant wait to call you'll be freakin sweet!

Teaching people the first 4-5 months is difficult but it gets better. That's about how long it was for me when i noticed how comfortable i was in AFRICA! It was a weird feeling. Mission is a whole different kind of tough....physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.... that's what is so great about it....when could i ever get this kind of on the job training towards becoming like my Father in Heaven?!!? The only time i could think of is the Second Coming, but besides that, this is it!!! Haha. Its tough and its definitely a well kept church secret. lol.

Can't wait to call you all on Mother's Day....hope this week goes by fast.

I love you all,
Elder Lehr