New couple missionaries-"The Zolls" 06/29/11

New couple missionaries-"The Zolls"                              06/29/11

Elder David & Elder Lehr

Elder David & Elder Lehr

Good bye to Pres & Sis Sabey

Good bye to Pres & Sis Sabey

Missing my Silverstone Ward

Missing my Silverstone Ward
Silverstone sticker on back of van

Banku, yum! My favorite!


Hey Family,

My companions name is Elder Bentum from Accra. Hes chill and we are working hard. 15 new investigators this week, i don't like talking about numbers. We gave a few people baptismal dates this last week so we should be finished with this new goal by the 31. Elder Holmes is paired with the Ivorian named Kouakou. (Kwaku is how its pronounced).

I lost interest in the world cup once the Germans lost...sigh. Good job Spain! Cant believe grandma is 70, she still moves like shes 50 hahaha. So you mean finally some mail?? SWEET!! Got the oreos....they are gone yesterday i ate them all.

I'm making CDs of all the pictures and videos....relax, these things take time.

So no rice or burger or fufu for me....yesterday it was BANKU!! That is one of my least favorite meals in Ghana, especially with the fish in the stew!! ahh! Still cant let members down and not eat it so Elder Holmes and i manned up and finished it all, once again our comps didn't eat anything. They really don't understand that if we get the part members to love us then one day the husband will be receptive....until they get it we'll just keep killing ourselves by finishing the HUGE amount of food we don't enjoy haha.

President Sabey talked about those elders in the Accra Mission....they are in deep trouble it sounds. Its a 50/50 case since the companions weren't around each other when the so called "rape" occurred so its her word verses his and both of them will be in trouble with the law if guilty... Ghana doesn't mess around with rape cases....if convicted they face a 25 year sentence...26 years til they return home to their families....President made me cry when he said that. Please pray for them, even if they broke some mission rules and even if they did it....25 years is too long. man! sorry to make you sad with this!

This week was pretty good...worked hard contacting for the soccer goal. The goal is we have to find people to teach during the matches then baptize one of them before Sept something.... we should be finished baptizing a few of them by the 31 of this month so that will be nice to not have the pressure of the goal. This next baptism should be pretty small....only about 15-20 people this time...small right? 10-12 of them are from another branch that have to come to our chapel for the font. hahaha Africa is booming!! If only more people could read English they'd accept the gospel like crazy here!! Education is a problem here. By next year president wants these 3 branches to be the center of a district...which is a stake but the mission president is in charge instead of a stake president. It ll be sweet to see how much things have grown and changed by this time next year...gotta stop thinking about a year from now. haha. So ya things are getting better in the apartment it seems. I hope. If not, ill let em fight next time.(tif between other Elders in our apt)  I got torn up last time and now im asking myself why i got in the middle. haha jk.

Well i love you all and am enjoying the missionary work here. I love being a missionary!! It is so sweet to see people change their lives because of the gospel and to think they could of never found it without missionaries searching around for humble people to teach. Missionaries all around the world are in the hands of the Lord performing miracles to further His work. It is real. Ive seen many miracles just in my small experience out here in the field. Cant wait to hear from all my friends from all over the world. Im guessing we have all had similar experiences with the Lord guiding our words or steps. Mission is sweet. I know the work is true and I know that there is no way id be out here if the church wasn't true. I now know it is. Im so thankful to my family for helping me get out here and for the support and love they continue to show me. You guys are great! Cant wait to come down that escalator at McCarran....not thinking about it. Anyways, have a good week and love you all! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love, Elder Lehr

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