New couple missionaries-"The Zolls" 06/29/11

New couple missionaries-"The Zolls"                              06/29/11

Elder David & Elder Lehr

Elder David & Elder Lehr

Good bye to Pres & Sis Sabey

Good bye to Pres & Sis Sabey

Missing my Silverstone Ward

Missing my Silverstone Ward
Silverstone sticker on back of van

Visit to the DEEP bush


Family!! This week has been sweet! We now have 5 people on the date to be baptized....the other guys have a whole bunch from other branches that have to come to our building cuz they don't have a font sooo the baptism is now too big to have together so we are having two different weeks for the baptisms. It ll be sweet. We will all complete the goal and have back ups just in case some new guys come and haven't finished it yet. On Wednesday we went out of our normal area because there is a man who has been coming with the 1st counselor to church for 2 weeks and we needed to teach him. We drove towards cape coast for a while and then stopped in a place called Twifo Hemang and from there took a car west into the DEEP bush....the 1st counselor was like "ya this is the first time missionaries have ever been out here." I had to stop and think about that...I cant believe there are so many places in the world that the church is still not in even though we are growing so fast. There are 100 members in Twifo Hemang that are mostly less-active because they couldn't afford to come anymore....its sad. Wish there could be a group put out here but the area president said no to that since there isnt much leadership in these areas yet. Once we get leaders this place will grow like crazy. President said that this place (Twifo Hemang) Could have like 400-500 members and split the branch in the first year. These people are READY to listen and follow the gospel. That would be sweet if i could be around when that branch starts! Hopefully by the end of the year! On Sunday we had a full house since some American teachers who teach at a school in Twifo Hemang came and brought a school bus full of people and students to church. They all knew the hymns and loved the church because the school they go to is Forever Young, the school that Billy Johnson started. Its kinda like an LDS has all grades. Billy Johnson is the guy who kept writing the church headquarters to get the church to start in Ghana!! Yaaa thats the guy. This place would grow so dang fast! Pray for leadership in these areas, missionaries cant do it all....they need leadership.

Well i hope girls camp was sweet!! Christine enjoy EFY!! You guys are going on too many softball/family vacations without me. Im kinda jealous....wish i could go. But, ive got a sweet work to do. I love it here. All the primary children know me and yell at me during the week when they see us passing. My comp isnt as friendly with them sooo they only know my name haha. I know enough Twi to ask them if they are coming to church and primary this Sunday and of course they all say yes. I then tell them to make sure BOTH of their parents come to church haha. I love the little kids here, they either love me or are scared to death to see a white person haha. I like teasing those ones.

Bro, Landon....get on a mission!! I cant wait for the day i receive an email saying where you are going!! That's so exciting! We need more missionaries here soooo just come here. That'd be nice! haha. I wish.

I love you guys so much. I hope you know how much i love this church and the changes that have come into my life because of the choices ive been taught to make. Satan is real and will never stop trying to work on each of us. Just overcome our weaknesses as they say here a lot in Ghana, "small small" or cancra cacra in twi. By small and simple things.... :D
I know its hard and of course following this church and gospel is going to be hard. Was it easy for the Nephites and Lamanites in the BOM? Was it easy for the apostles and Saints in Christs time? What about Joseph Smith and Brigham Young just 100 something years ago? It has never been easy to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. But if we can always remember the picture and quote that was on the refrigerator at home for years of Jesus Christ saying, "I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it." I love you and know that the temple plus prayers and scripture STUDY not just reading....can give us so much power and strength. Rely on Him always. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love you guys have a great week!


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