New couple missionaries-"The Zolls" 06/29/11

New couple missionaries-"The Zolls"                              06/29/11

Elder David & Elder Lehr

Elder David & Elder Lehr

Good bye to Pres & Sis Sabey

Good bye to Pres & Sis Sabey

Missing my Silverstone Ward

Missing my Silverstone Ward
Silverstone sticker on back of van

Transfers came.....and went



Easter!!! Happy EASTER! Wow, wasn't it just Christmas?? Time is flying and i cant seem to catch up! Am i really going to learn and become what i need to before i go home haha. Long ways away. I am loving life right now haha. Elder Clements is sweet and we are setting up one somewhat big (at least for our area) baptism hopefully for May 16. There is Harrison, Samuel, Peter, George (possibly his NEW wife, GOAL) and another man who came to church this last Sunday and will be bringing his wife when she returns from Accra. It seems like everyone travels all the time to Accra. It gets annoying when members and investigators either have callings or reading assignments and don't do it because they "traveled to Accra." Not much i can do about so the complaining is finished.

Ok now for the exciting news! Elder Clements and i got into 2, i repeat 2 car accidents this week!!!! Hahaha, both were hilarious and not serious by a long shot. The first was with the Kiffers, he was going to turn left and a water truck behind us didn't want to slow down so he tried passing us on the LEFT side, the side we were turning! And BOOM! haha. Everyone was definitely ok and no police was needed which is a good thing cuz they just take money from everyone since they can do that, they have the badge and uniform haha. (side note, people steal police uniforms just to get money from people cuz they cant find a job, kinda sad and a little dishonest i think). Anyways, the second one happened today as we were driving back from a stake activity for young adults (we took Harrison and Samuel) and our taxi driver was about to enter a roundabout and was staring at these freakin sweet puppies (there isn't any good looking dogs in Ghana, so its a surprise to seem any at all) and then BAM Rear-ends the guy in front of us. I was laughing at the guy damage was done so everyone got back into the car and left. Don't worry mom, I'm healthy and perfectly safe!

TRANSFER NEWS CAME TODAY! I don't know why i put that in big letters, nothing happened to our apartment, we are all staying, which i am definitely happy for because i get to be with elder Clements and stay for the goal and for the phone call and for the fruits of our labors hopefully may 16! So that is definitely good. Our district has changed though, Elder Jeppeson is training, not sure who yet. Elder Holmes is moving to the zone leaders apartment with elder Kwapong (Elder Clements and Ekaette's MT group) and soo some new faces are coming into that apartment. It should be a good 6 weeks and im stoked for it! Cant believe at the end of it ill be 9 months, that's kinda crazy, still not far at all and i still feel green! Which is good cuz satisfaction is when my progression stops.

The church is really strong here in Ghana, even though its small. They are always looking for the missionaries to do a whole lot of things we normally wouldn't be doing if we served at home. I can say we do a whole lot of the home teaching and reactivating and missionary work and fellowship. They even want us to baptize their children when they turn 8, i said heck no to that one and put that one straight!!! Their family needs to see the worthy priesthood holder perform an ordinance for his children!! That's no negotiable. haha. Couldn't believe it when they asked me, even the bishop said to come to us about it. I was shocked. Also, gotta change the fact that they want missionaries to bless the Sacrament...They have plenty of priesthood holders, they just need to get their butts in gear and come on time to do their duty. Working on that as well. We teach a lot about how important that sacrament really is and how its the main reason we go to church and that they need to be on time. We use the example of how us missionaries are invited for a nice Fu-Fu meal at their house and they take all day to pound it and prepare it and we either don't come or reject it when we get there and we ask them how they would feel if that happened. Of course they said horrible and we relate it to our Savior's sacrifice for us and how we are rejecting it when we don't come on time. It may sound harsh but that's kinda how the culture is here, they either need to hear it harshly or else they just wont ever change. So that's what we have been working with lately. Overwhelming sometimes but its the work we are here to do! Even if most of it is supposed to be the wards responsibility, we are teaching them small small.

I hope Easter was awesome, sounds like it was, especially since you guys got to watch conference. sigh. Oh well, it'll come. I love you guys so much and think of you all the time. I am working hard and enjoying my mission %100! I love this feeling and i love the work! Helping people understand the truth and seeing their lives change is kind of a big deal for our Father in Heaven to trust us young men to do. wow. I love seeing things in my own life change, i don't notice it at all day by day but when it comes to months or even when i first came, there is a big difference which is how its supposed to be. My testimony is stronger than ever and my desire to do good and be good is always increasing even when its difficult! I love you guys and will hear from you in a month and a half's time!! :D

Love, Elder Lehr

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