New couple missionaries-"The Zolls" 06/29/11

New couple missionaries-"The Zolls"                              06/29/11

Elder David & Elder Lehr

Elder David & Elder Lehr

Good bye to Pres & Sis Sabey

Good bye to Pres & Sis Sabey

Missing my Silverstone Ward

Missing my Silverstone Ward
Silverstone sticker on back of van

Elder Mackay and Elder Lehr in the same apt! :)


Hey everyone!

Wow, i think i learned a lot just from your email mom about the Law of the Fast, repentance is needed and i WILL be doing it the right way next month. You read my email in the lesson?? What did i say again? Im sitting by elder mackay right now and he showed me a few pictures from the FHE with colby, sounds like you guys had a fun time, besides getting emotional, i can tell by the picture that you were! Sheesh mom, its been 15 months and ur still crying over ur baby boy? Haha. Im just kidding! Dont cuss at me just yet lol.

This week was a pretty good one. We got a few good referrals we will be meeting with this next week. One was from Temple square!! We'll see about that one, exciting though, automatically means future leader! The other referrals were from members here that seem to be pretty solid. There is a man named chief who has been a member for quite a while but wasnt sure if the "traditional" marriage was completed or not, found out it was so now we are preparing his wife for baptism, which is sweet. I love this family. Young couple with a few kids. Another baptismal date was given to a 9 year old girl who stays in a far place called Kotwi. She stays with a powerful family and they bring her to church every week. We asked her who Joseph Smith was and she suprised us! She told us the whole first vision and about his parents going to different churches and how he read in the bible and then prayed and God and Christ appeared to him. It was sweet! She's ready! :D So hopefully we can add one or two people to the baptism by the time the 19th rolls around in two weeks. We also have a missionary fireside the 18th that the ward mission leader has helped put together for the members to bring their friends to and we have a casual fireside to help those new people feel comfortable. We are watching the Restoration dvd too, its powerful! It gets me every time.

My companion is hoping we stay together for atleast another transfer since we both kinda just got here. I am hoping for the same. I love this guy. Today both zones played football on a real size field. We played zone against zone...we played well but in the end they killed us haha. We had like 15 mins left 0-0 and then they just fired them at us. 4-0, bummer.....yaaa it was bad. lol still fun. 2 of the missionaries last p-day so they made it count. One is our Assistant Elder Hill, cool guy and the other is Elder Ayim!! Remember that name? We were companions in Twifo Praso for that first transfer then he left. I love this guy, definitely one of the top Ghanains. And guess who else is gonig home?? My Father Elder adjeifio! Francis will be his name next week haha. Im gunna miss these guys but atleast elder adjeifio will be coming up next month to say goodbye to the Kiffers who leave this January! Crazy huh? Everyone who was somehow new is now going home.

I heard a little bit about Ivory Coast, but not a lot of details. Yes, their borders are closed but i heard it was just for a 3-4 day election, not because the parties were fighting or something. Never know could be more serious then what i heard. Either way it doesnt sound good. Im sure Elder Legere will be able to get home by Dec. 18, things should cool down. Dont think missionaries are on lock-down so i dont think they should worry.(Cody is wrong, they are on lockdown) Ghana is just the most peaceful place on this earth. The only fighting you see is a few drunk people, crowds beating a man who stole something, or up north is where a lot of the fighting here happens lol. All the members say how safe this country is and how if you wanted to walk across the whole city late at night that nobody would bother you haha. Dont worry im safe here. Mesquitos and the sun are the only killers, oh and the cancer that is STILL on my arm haha. Its gotten a whole lot better but is still there, just red like a rash, but doesnt itch or sting. I get a lot of people asking me what happened...i tell them its cancer of course. Not many people understand sarcasm here, so of course i, just laughing on the inside. My companion understands it thank goodness! We are really getting a long. He got a letter from his friend in south africa, one of their missions, and the guy was talking about air conditiong in their apartment and driving cars and he had pictures of REAL pizza......jerk just rubbing things in haha. We both suffered seeing the real pizza haha. Ive decided that Zimbabwean's are the coolest guys in this mission. There are 4 of them up here in kumasi and 1 in Sunyane. They are freaking tight.

Sooo ya, about Sunyane, everyone in Kumasi will be going there next wednesday for a Christmas Gathering!! Food, music, fun, etc. with President, Sister Sabey and the couples. We are stoked about that! Everyone down south is headed to the mission home on different days to do their own there. Im excited for that! I just hope that there arent very many changes in the zones before that happens! The Elders here in this area are awesome, some of my best friends.

As for my health, im freakin tired from soccer today....cramped up both of my dang calves at the end of the game after they put a womping on us. Sucky feeling....these dang calves haha. Im not in horrible shape, but today was killer haha. This week we have district meeting, ill be instructing, not sure what that will be on just yet. Its tomorrow so i might wanna get something prepared. Also tomorrow, President and Sis. Sabey are coming up to check our apartments and probably to help with the new apartments they are opening up for those small groups here in Kumasi, which will be sweet. It will lower the amount of people attending wards but make it so much easier for more people to come to church and these groups will be in control of President Sabey so he will be able to train the new leaders of these groups which is the best part. No offense to the stake presidency here but having President train will be a good thing. Im sure a lot of missionaries come home talking about how amazing their mission president is, but president Sabey is the real deal. He brings power into every single instruction he has...He has always been able to teach me something new and bring the Spirit. He is so inspired and really does follow every impression he has whether he knows what he is doing or not or knows why or not. He's taught me a lot since ive been here especially when he talks about marriage or parenthood, which he brings up A LOT!! Haha. So im definitely excited for this Christmas Gathering to see what he has for us next!

I love it here. I love being a missionary and doing the work. Brother Kwame and his wife Jennifer still havent come to church, but are loving the lessons still. We watched the Restoration video with them and they enjoyed it. It didnt help that the little newborn 2 month old baby was crying and the 1 1/2 year old girl was begging for attention haha. It was sweet though! The wife said that when her baby is 3 months old she will start coming to church. Bro kwame told us he is having a problem with this land he bought and is desperately trying to sell it and only has time to meet with the real estate agent on sundays....kinda sucks so we are hoping he is able to sell it soon. They are progressing though, just need them to come to church which has always been the struggle in this mission. Not a financial issue with this family though so thats good.

Well i hope this email is a good n long one for ya! :D Well i hope you guys have a good week! Love ya lots!! Elder Mackay just lost his entire email cuz his time ran out so im gunna hurry and send this so it doesnt happen to me too!! :D

Love Elder Lehr

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