New couple missionaries-"The Zolls" 06/29/11

New couple missionaries-"The Zolls"                              06/29/11

Elder David & Elder Lehr

Elder David & Elder Lehr

Good bye to Pres & Sis Sabey

Good bye to Pres & Sis Sabey

Missing my Silverstone Ward

Missing my Silverstone Ward
Silverstone sticker on back of van

14 months and counting.....


Hey FAM!

I was excited this week to read your emails. Mostly because it was a great week altogether. Last week we asked bishop if anyone had any referrals and this sunday he hands us a sheet with 5 people to meet and also the names and numbers of the members who referred them. (yes we are still new and dont know many members, working on that haha). So this week we will be working on that a bit. Anyways, so there is this man named kwame who contacted us a little while ago. He read the restoration pamphlet and we met at the time we scheduled, saturday night. This guy is powerful. Future leader for sure! He read through the whole thing and said he understood it, so i asked a question to really see if he read and wow! He went on and on about the apostasy and how he doesnt go to any church because he is just not convinced any of them are true, so that is why he wanted to meet with us! (AKA golden contact). Basically we had an epic 2 hour long lesson going into details about the restoration. I felt the Spirit so strong especially when we had him read Joseph's experience in his own words. He told us after the lesson that he is beginning to be convinced and that he "feels" that what we are teaching him is true. Of course we explained that he needed to read the BOM and prayer and he said he would for sure. He also wanted the church website do to more research about our beliefs, which just doesnt happen much here. If this guy is the only person i ever taught and hopefully baptize on mission, it would definitely be so satisfying. I love being a missionary and helping people understand why there is confusion in this world and that their God doesnt want it to be so. Its sweet when they understand that and keep their commitments, strengthening their faith. This church is definitely true and is really so simple to understand. It just makes so much sense. I know the only way anyone can Know if the message is true is through the Holy Ghost touching their minds and/or hearts, which is how my testimony is still growing. I love the sweet, peaceful feeling that It brings. I know that even if it feels like the world is coming down or you are frustrated that you cant overcome something, our Father in heaven can help all of those dark feelings leave us. It is when we surround ourselves with His word's and through our prayers of faith. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

I had a whole lot of fun proselyting yesterday. First, I attended a baptism for the sister missionaries where one man was able to baptize his wife and children. That is what this is all about. Such a great experience to be able to hear their testimonies. It has definitely strengthened me. After that we were on our way to the apartment to eat lunch and saw this old man we always greet across the street from us and he was "weeding." That means he is a beast, using "Cutlers" (machettes) to cut his grass. There was half of it left! We couldnt help ourselves, he was just too old to be doing such hard work. The cutlers destroyed our hands but it felt freaking sweet when we finished. Had a few people contact us on the roadside. They loved seeing a white man weeding the way they do in Ghana. It was pretty funny. The best part was to see this old man's smile from ear to ear. He didnt speak one word of english so the little Twi we spoke just made him crazy happy. Just as we finished we saw the dark clouds and the clear blue sky clash in the middle....a huge wind, rain storm was coming! It was the hardest i think i have ever seen it rain. It lasted like 20-30 minutes which was sweet. Call me crazy but of course i played in the rain. White shirt, who cares right? Im in ghana and this rain is epic!

I love you guys so much. Everyone keeps bugging me that im turning 14 months on thursday. Its mostly because there arent that many missionaries in this mission that are past that mark. Kinda crazy seeing fresh missionaries looking up to me when i feel like im still one of them haha. Its a wierd feeling. A good one though.

I want some protein powder, cheap kind if you can. If not, ill just come home really skinny haha. Its up to you. Dont worry about big boxes for christmas please. Trust me, save the money. Use it to help someone else's christmas this year alright? Deal? Thanks.

Well that is all for this week.

Love Elder Lehr

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