New couple missionaries-"The Zolls" 06/29/11

New couple missionaries-"The Zolls"                              06/29/11

Elder David & Elder Lehr

Elder David & Elder Lehr

Good bye to Pres & Sis Sabey

Good bye to Pres & Sis Sabey

Missing my Silverstone Ward

Missing my Silverstone Ward
Silverstone sticker on back of van

Ivory Coast Missionaries move to Ghana (02/28/2011)


Nobody ever told me Josh Howells had a call! And now he's leaving! Thats so awesome!! I just love that family! Was his mom as hysterical as you get?? Hahaha im just kidding!

Pres Utchdorf in a State Stake Conference!! You guys are so lucky! Thats awesome you got to hear from him. And it sounds like the same advice that we have been given since forever! Its very simple advice but a lot of us members have a hard time just DOING it. I can definitely see that we need more missionaries, there are so many areas jsut in our mission where president sabey could use more, but we just dont have that many to do what he could do with this mission. Its frustrating im sure.

It looks like speeding tickets run in the family! Hahaha im not the only lead foot! Hehe. Tine is lucky that i lead the way in tickets so that if she ever got one it wouldnt be as big of a deal to you and dad! It worked! :)

Oh poor guys with no dryer!! What will you even do now?? Atleast you can dry your clothes inside where nobody can see, but we hang it on lines outside and of course they always get blown off into the mud and we've gotta rewash em. You would think by now we would of gotten clothes pins (yes i bought some for when i came but they are gone now).

Sorry i cant be there to help with the funerals!! Im coming very soon ha! As sad as it is to see anybody pass away, its so good to hear that she was about to go to the temple and worthy to go!! SHE DID IT! We should be happy because of that!!

So this week we have been preparing florence for her baptism which happened yesterday!! WOO! It was awesome. We combined our baptism with branch 2. It went really well, except that the power went off right when we got to the chapel so that means, no pump to fill the font.....dont worry, the young men in our branch are powerful!! They took a bunch of buckets and went across the road to fill them and carried them back (on their heads of course) until it was atleast passed the knees. It was still difficult to do the baptism cuz the water was so low, but it worked out! Also, more exciting news... This next sunday is the district conference and they are going to announce that they have applied and been accepted by the First Presidency to become a Stake!! Everyone was so excited because they have been working very hard at accomplishing that goal. Branch presidents have dont wonders in this area, sending 25 or so elders out on missions, sending so many people to the temple and of course this area is known for the amount of baptisms each month! These people are working so hard, they deserve this! President Sabey has been telling them that if they want to be a stake they need to start doing things as a stake and that they need to look like a stake, so they fired the custodians that are paid for by the church and started using members to clean the chapels and mow the grass and keep everything in order. Its been sweet! A few members of the area presidency and another general authority will be at the conference this weekend and im sure President Sabey will also be there. It will be an awesome conference! They will prepare tons of food to celebrate afterwards!! (fast sunday being the following week haha).

So i said the good news first, now for the not so good news....yesterday morning the assistants called me and told me that there will be some emergency transfers that will happen today (monday). Elder Speechly and Fawole left this morning. Speechly is going to Sunyane and Fawole to Sekondi (Takoradi). Everyone was kinda shocked and wondered what the heck is going on, but i guess its all because they have moved all of the foreign missionaires from Ivory Coast and made Togo/Benin their mission and they had too many missionaries so they sent the missionaries from that mission that were from Accra area to come to our mission. So we got 3 extra missionaries from their mission that showed up on saturday and now today they will be with their new companions in their new areas in their new mission. Kinda sad for them, no more learning or speaking french. We are getting Elders Gibson and Dodd (i think thats how you spell his name) in the place of Speechly and Fawole. They are on the way here right now...I hope they are ready to play some football because we are going to play against branch 1 and 2 today at 3! Itll be sweet especially cuz they talk a lot of smack and think us obrunees cant play! We'll show them! haha.

Well i am doing great and loving life, knock on wood i havent gotten malaria in 8 months or so!! YA!! Dont ask me if i sleep in a net or take my meds, i dont want to lie! :D I love you guys! Cant believe Feb is over already! Bring on March!

Love Elder Lehr

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