New couple missionaries-"The Zolls" 06/29/11

New couple missionaries-"The Zolls"                              06/29/11

Elder David & Elder Lehr

Elder David & Elder Lehr

Good bye to Pres & Sis Sabey

Good bye to Pres & Sis Sabey

Missing my Silverstone Ward

Missing my Silverstone Ward
Silverstone sticker on back of van

Bank card retained & taxi driver arrested-not bad for a Monday


Dear fam,

P-day was pretty great, quite the adventure. Got up and ready to go to Cape Coast to play ball. Left by 7:30, got there around 9:15, headed to the bank to take out money, card got stuck in the I went inside to beat the heck out of someone and I explained what happened to this lady and she didn’t want to tell me their policy because she knew id get mad so she told me to wait in a line of a few people to talk to one of the managers, so I did. When my time came I explained what happened and he told me that the bank’s policy is that when a card is retained it has to be sent back to the bank it comes from….at this point im pissed and fired up and wanting to scream. Then he says, however, because of your circumstance I think I might be able to get it for you, BUT you’ve gotta come back at 2 o clock. I said fine.

We then went to a chapel by the field we were planning to play the other two zones at when I saw all the elders coming back to the chapel. We got kicked off, apparently because the field is near a school and the headmaster came to tell everyone that they are distracting all of the classes going on, yes, their classes are INDOORS! Whatever! So we all grab our stuff from the chapel and started getting into taxis (we are a group of 40 so this might take a little while to get that many taxis to handle us). Eventually we get to the other field (the crappy dirt one, it works though).

We play and have fun and and the game goes smoothly right? Well sorda…It seemed t get very competitive, lots of fouling and arguing with the ref (another elder). We were getting beat 2-0 with 10 mins left in the first half (yes, we played a full game! And yes im also surprised I can run that long) when I decide I want to play UP FRONT instead of back all the time, so I did and I get a great pass to me and I beat the last defender (one of those very competitive elders that drives me crazy) and nail a ball passed the keeper…with the left foot! Take that! That finished the half and we came back ON FIRE! We ended up winning 5-4! It was sweet especially cuz these same zones played last transfer and they killed us like 5-1. It felt good. Then we get dressed back into priesthood and pass out mail (a sweet package from grandma over there in gilbert, AZ! Thanks for that! Oh and I totally forgot to mention for you to thank Sister Mckay for the letter and the music she sent!!)

then we left the field and get into a taxi to go to this burger place called mcdonalds, not what you are imagining. The taxi got in trouble with the “police” so the so-called policeman got into the car with us to arrest the man after he dropped us off. (He is just a guy who works at the taxi stations who wears a uniform and wants to show it off and probably get some lunch money out of this taxi aka bribe) So we get to the place and enjoy a nice burger, just me and elder joseph. We then remember that I still need to get my bank card before we head back to Fosu (an hour and a half away). We get to the bank and I wait in a long line this time to talk to the guy, he saw me and called me up and asked for my passport…umm sir I don’t have that but I have my drivers license, will that work? “Well I think that will work.” (IT BETTER!!) He gives me my card after I sign something to get it and we happily move on to Fosu…falling asleep every few minutes in the car that is speeding way too fast and hitting too many potholes along the way, swirving in and out of cars on a 2 lane road, it was sweet.

When we got out of the car it started sprinkling so we start running to the house cuz its probably about to down poor harder than you can imagine. We wait a little bit till it stops than head to the café to email. Rain=water. Water=electricity problems. Light off=no emailing. So I hope that explains why im emailing you today on Tuesday for the third week in a row. It rains a lot in Fosu! Which is great! I love the cool weather in the mornings, but the no emailing thing sucks. So that was my day yesterday.

Sunday we woke up and got ready for 8:30 church. When we get there, a man who was about to be called as a second councilor in the new bishopric, told us that we should be prepared because they are going to use us to perform ordinances. What? My companion and I just look at each other confused as to what that means. So as the meeting goes on, the new bishopric was sustained and took their place on the stand then it came time for confirmation from our baptism two weeks ago (cuz of stake conference last week) and only one of the girls was there, Florence. So they asked my companion to confirm her (I was excited that he was doing it haha). After that they then did something ive never seen done in a sacrament meeting, they called the priests who were sustained last week to be elders and asked us to ordain them to elders….lucky for me I don’t have my line of authority with me (I didn’t know I needed to have it to do this! The new bishop asked me if I had it and I said no so then he said I couldn’t do it…YES!) But he had us stand in the circle for the 3 ordinations. After we sit down, the other sister that was baptized last two weeks walks in and so my companion tells the bishop she is now here so they call us up again to confirm her and now my time has finally come, I couldn’t get out of this one. I was way nervous and struggled to get words out of my mouth, she understands English but not when im talking freakin fast and that’s what I was doing when I actually got words to come out haha. So now that that was over, church finishes and we realize that we have NO FOOD in the apartment, so we just went out to teach a few investigators and see a few members, hoping that maybe one of them would invited us back in the evening to eat. (Its called forced fasting…and if you don’t start with a prayer its called starving) So I starved all day and guess what….none of the members told us to come back to eat that evening so I look at my companion as we are headed home and asked him how bad it would be to buy an egg sandwich, he said that the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath hahaha, this is why he’s my companion. So we waited forever while the coals cooked our eggs and went back to the apartment. Right when we get home we realize its late and we need to do our numbers and then receive the weekly numbers…fun!....not! So we finally finish that then we chopped those egg sandwiches fast fast, went to bed and that’s when pday began. All of this is only two days of this week, a lot more has happened but these two days are more interesting haha.

I cant believe what has happened in Japan! Elder harris said that over 1,000 bodies washed ashore this morning in Japan…I wanted to cry! Wow, pray for them! That’s good that the missionaries are fine!

How did it feel for that family to come to church this week? That’s exactly how we feel when our investigators come to church for the first time or when an inactive member comes back for the first time after we’ve met with them for a few weeks or months. It’s refreshing and it gives me a hope that what I am doing actually has meaning and worth and its working! I love it!

Don’t worry about high school softball, no need to blow a blood vessel over it! She’s not worth our time if shes going to mistreat anybody over their beliefs. Sadly, she won’t have the last laugh.

So when do we find out the scores of the proficiencies? Don’t worry mom, im sure she really meant it this time when she said they were easy! Hahaha that’s so Tine!

WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO BRO. Neuenswander!!? That is so scary and crazy!! Tell Frankenstein I say hi and that he should lay off the led-foot. jk

Just imagine in 5 months that escalator at mccaran with your wittle boy smiling ear to ear, giving you a big hug! Have a good week!

Love, Elder Lehr

(the bank just sent Cody a new card due to a breach in security--that's what it said--card is not expired and there is money in his account....gotta switch his B of A account!!!! We have sent his new card to him)

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