New couple missionaries-"The Zolls" 06/29/11

New couple missionaries-"The Zolls"                              06/29/11

Elder David & Elder Lehr

Elder David & Elder Lehr

Good bye to Pres & Sis Sabey

Good bye to Pres & Sis Sabey

Missing my Silverstone Ward

Missing my Silverstone Ward
Silverstone sticker on back of van

Just the flu...........not Malaria


Hey family!

Not much happened this week since i was in bed all week with the flu. Malaria meds did nothing (which i figured would happen since i didnt think it was malaria). But i am ok and ready for this next week haha. My head is fine and my ear is peeling scabs off haha. Its all good... still not sure why i passed out, its not like blood bothers me. It must of been a combination of things. This week went really fast since i slept most of the time being sick and all. It was boring and even more boring for E. Clements i bet. E. Akoki was also sick all week so E Harris and Clements went out to teach a little bit haha. E akoki thought it was funny to see two greenies go out and teach and not get lost lol. Im sorry it wasnt a very eventful week. :(

Today we find out transfer news which my bet is that nobody leaves since E Clements just got here and  the goal is about to end next transfer... still not sure about E. Akoki and Harris, either one could leave. E. Akoki has been here 7 1/2 months, its his first area just like the rest of us lol. So who knows, we'll know tonight and the changes will be made on wednesday. It happens too quick, it feels like last transfer was yesterday which is good. only 15 more transfers to go haha. It seems like but the mission goes way too fast, work work work and it goes faster! Its crazy how time feels while being here haha. Its like time has stopped at home and will resume right where i left it when i get back, its a wierd feeling. I wrote a whole bunch of letters this week since i had sometime, but who knows when someone will be going to cape coast, maybe for transfers but if not you wont get these letters for a month haha. This week Elder Clements and i have decided to make dinner for the kiffers since they do so much for us, i think theyll love it since we've gotten better at cooking. My new favorite thing is plantain... they look like bananas but they are freaking good. We cook them in oil and salt and its amazing.... im always looking for places that have it now.

We have been working hard on the goal since we only have one more transfer to finish it. We have 4-5 less-actives we are working with and teaching 3-4 referrals. We found a part- member family that we can finish the goal with, they already told us we can baptize their son (since their dad is always in accra and never knows when he'll be back and im sure he doesnt have the priesthood anyways). Its wierd here and people give their sons or daughters to the missionaries instead of their dads to baptize and just little stuff like that in the church. It sure is different here. I am loving my area and the people here. The members are really trusting us and helping us so much. I guess there used to be problems in our ward with missionaries and so it is taking a longer time for the members to trust us. Missionaries who have been here said they have never been to the bishoprics houses and visited their families but now we are going there atleast once a week cuz they invite us over to carry water up the stairs and pound fufu and have fun FHE's with them. They love us and are starting to focus their weekly teaching to the ward on missionary work and helping us. The ward is really progressing and they are finally starting to initiate home and visit teaching assignments, which they should of had long ago haha.  President told us that President Monson told the mission presidents to keep missionaries in their areas longer so that they can get used to the area and not have to start over every couple months. So now he moves people on average, about every 6 months unless its for a leadership position or something comes up.

Well i am still getting Christmas letters from family and the ward!! Thank you everyone, i love mail!!! I will do my best to write you back! :D

Elder Clements is learning so quickly and loving the mission field, especially all the choices of food (add sarcasm here). But no he really is progressing and getting better at not being shy. He likes to talk about taylor swift and some girls back at home so that is good :D ! Atleast he likes talking about something! :D I like our apartment and hope nothing changes! So i read something in the brand new gospel principle manuals for this year. In the first chapter about Heavenly Father it teaches us that even God himself has faith. How can a being who knows all have faith in something? And what does He have faith in? There must be a deeper definition of faith, im learning about it and maybe ill write a letter or something about what i think haha. There is also a part in that book about how satan can immitate the gifts of the spirit, read about moses and the serpents in exodus. Satan's power is more real then i ever thought it could be!

Well i love you guys so much and am going to continue to sprint regardless of what my dad tells me (he thinks im not sprinting, he thinks he knows me so well hahaha, love ya dad).

Keep up the good work, good luck with finals and the next semester of school and seminary christine and karli!! And mom, stop freaking out, im better and doing well :D

Love your son and brother,

Cody.... Elder Lehr

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