New couple missionaries-"The Zolls" 06/29/11

New couple missionaries-"The Zolls"                              06/29/11

Elder David & Elder Lehr

Elder David & Elder Lehr

Good bye to Pres & Sis Sabey

Good bye to Pres & Sis Sabey

Missing my Silverstone Ward

Missing my Silverstone Ward
Silverstone sticker on back of van

Ashante Region


MI FAMILIA, (oh...wrong country and mission, dang it)

My week was awesome and it came and went really fast. I guess thats what happens when we stay busy and on top of things. Tuesday was zone conference which was great. President is always really good at motivating us and making us feel more confident in what we are doing. He told a few stories and one was about him on his mission in England where they went contacting and he was 3 months out just called to train (sound familiar?). He said they ran into a minister of a church and he wanted to disturb some missionaries from the LDS church so he called them into his house to have a "lesson." As they taught the first discussion he showed them plenty of scriptures that disproved their lesson and asked the missionaries...well what about that?  And they said...well we don"t know about that but what we do know is Joseph Smith is a true prophet and if you asked God you could know too. The guy would say ok...and then they'd continue the lesson and he'd stop them with more scriptures. They answered the same way...we dont know about that but what we do know is....   And it took 2 hours to barely make it through the first lesson. They were walking out and he asked them, well are you coming back? President Sabey was shocked and answered...well do you want us to come back? And he said ya that would be good so they booked an appointment and the next time the same thing happened. After some time it came to a fast sunday where the recent convert (the same minister who bothered them with scriptures) bore his testimony saying how he got sick and tired of the missionaries not having answers to questions but they would always say.."Well we don't know, but what we DO know is that JS is a true prophet and you can know that too if you would ask him." And they guy said he finally did what they asked him to do and that was to ask God. So he did and was converted.  Well to make a long story short, President related it to us new missionaries (more then half of the two zones in Kumasi). He told us that even though we don't know very much, we know enough. It was a powerful zone conference and all of us felt way more confident about our efforts especially with intelligent pastors that talk to us (there are plenty of them here).

Well fo the rest of the week we worked hard and taught a lot of less actives and recent converts and some members that we could probably still classify as recent converts since they still don't really know how to be members. It was awesome to see them all at church and they even brought their referrals with them which was awesome! Peter is a member referral that should be baptized with Nicholas (the little boy from the part-member family) in a few weeks to complete the mission goal! YA!  It is an awesome feeling to come to the close of a mission goal, especially cuz they aren't easy! Elder Clements is doing great!

Tell Bishop its been 5 and a half months without hearing from him and he's asking me for letters to the ward?? haha, he can take it so let him have it for me. I even emailed him. Oh well, ill write one anyways lol.

Today was pretty cool...So ghana is split up into regions and the biggest region is the Ashante region, the TWI speakers. We are in the heart of the region in Kumasi and so today for our zone activity we went to the Ashante's main palace called the Menshya palace (pronounced men-sha). Its where the Ashante King lives and conducts his business haha. We got a tour through the museum that told us all about the history of the Ashante people and their traditions. They didn't allow pictures inside but as you know....I'm such an honest missionary and I snuck a few shots. Ill send them to you soon. It was a good change for once by going somewhere instead of just washing and cleaning and cafe on a p-day.  You guys are lucky it rained...its still dry season and we haven't had rain in a few months. Its very dusty and everyone seems to be getting a cold or something. I'm going strong again and its much better to go to work then sit and be miserable. I'm now at an internet cafe at the huge stadium, its much faster and better quality. There is a game going on outside and we didn't have to pay because we are missionaries lol. Its sweet. you can hear all of the people yelling and screaming. Yesterday was crazy!! It was the African cup quarter finals and Ghana was playing so everything in this country comes to a stop til they are done. If they win you hear screaming and pots and pans and whistles and if they lose then people don't want to talk and they wont eat or drink anything...they sure are passionate about their football. Its awesome since i love the sport too. Members always invite us over to watch the games...I don't think they know too much about the rules haha. Its a good thing that members care about us though cuz this ward used to be anti-missionaries since there were some bad things that happened in this ward including Elders and some members. So its going good now :D

I sure am loving missionary work and doing just fine. Everyone thinks that Elder Akoki and I both could be leaving Asokwa or even Kumasi... who knows?  I don't think so but you never know with President and the Lord.  All things will be made known in due time. hahaha remember that phrase? 

Well i love you all so much and hope you are writing me letters cuz i wrote all of you letters! I love you and miss you so much but its ok cuz its for both my progression, yours and the people we both are serving. I am grateful for you guys and your love and support. I know the Lord is blessing us both so much. Keep up the work even though its not easy, its worth every single bit of it.

Love Elder Lehr

PS: I heard some African Elders made a BAT STEW and ate it... Sis. Sabey rolled her eyes and put her hand in her face hahaha. It was funny and gross lol. I'm glad I'm not in that apartment.

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