New couple missionaries-"The Zolls" 06/29/11

New couple missionaries-"The Zolls"                              06/29/11

Elder David & Elder Lehr

Elder David & Elder Lehr

Good bye to Pres & Sis Sabey

Good bye to Pres & Sis Sabey

Missing my Silverstone Ward

Missing my Silverstone Ward
Silverstone sticker on back of van

Getting Spoiled by the Zolls :) 07/04/11


Glad you got the pictures! Cant believe its 4th of july...didnt think about it til an elder at pday said "happy 4th of july!" All i could think of was las vegas lights and blowin stuff up and driving out to the indian reservation to buy boom booms AND BBQs!!

Yes the zolls are just so winderful!! I honestly think ive gained a good 5 pounds or more this week, especially after sunday dinner! I cant believe i heard them say sunday dinner, havent heard that expression used in a while! It was delicious pasta and chocolate chip cookies. Their grand kids skyped them during dinner so we got to meet a lot of their family....which includes a really cute grand daughter headed to BYU this august! :D I miss white girls... anyways!

We were with Elder Leko for a full week and got his same exact companion back. President just needed to talk to him about some stuff, now he's back. They are in UST ward where i used to have district meetings when i first came to ghana. Now we have them in our building here in asokwa which is nice.

Baking bread was a lot of fun especially since we are trying to speak twi and they are trying to speak english and neither of us can understand each other except for the small twi that i can speak haha. A member's mother in UST is the bread maker, i dont think we got a picture with her but just the workers. She is really nice, hopefully one of these days she will ask her son more about the church since we help out a lot. Those Elders in UST ward go there every saturday to do that, it takes most of the morning and afternoon to do. I was a little sore just lifting bread and bread dough off the ground to put in the oven....Im such a sissy and so out of shape its crazy.

Played some football today though! That was a lot of fun....the american team dominated, except the last game ha. Elder Harrison plays for BYU so its good to be on his team.

Do you know how many investigators i have given shirts or pants or ties and still never came to church?!?!?! I just wish they would tell me the truth about what is stopping them from coming so that i at least try to help them, but they like keeping things to themselves.

Lol runny tummy huh? I didnt notice you said it like a ghanain til i read it again haha. Sorry for bug!!

Im sure the dogs here would love to eat that little bird....they are just skin and bones here! Saturday night elder david and i raced back to the apartment because we both had a turtle head pokin out of us and then some dogs started barking at us and my companion freaked out and stopped running thinking they would chase the guy running...ha, i win! These skinny little dogs dont scare me much, they are rat dogs haha.

So you went to dinner with who? Uncle Bob!? How is he doing? He has spent more of his life WITH her then WITHOUT her so im sure i would miss her like crazy too if i were him! Even with the knowledge and assurance that we will be with our family again, its still a lonely world without your companion! Gotta try and stay busy!!

This was a great week! Took the Zolls around to all the different groups meeting houses in kumasi, which took two or so days since they are so spread out. Took them to our favorite investigator who randomly came to midweek on wednesday saying his brother found the church and he wants to know more. Met with him that wednesday night adn thursday and friday is when we took the zolls with us for their first discussion....they loved it! We taught him about the origin of the book of mormon, read some scriptures then went through the introduction with him. After that we taught him about prayer and the Holy to receive answers to prayers. It really was just a spiritually powerful lesson. Turned it over to the zolls and they bore their testimonies....both of them crying haha (we would call them "fresh") It reminded me of my first few lessons that were really good and i was trying to hold back the tears.....Im not much of a crier now! You wouldnt believe it! :D Then they opened up their laptop and we played the Restoration Dvd for him. He loved it and told its up to me to read this (the book of mormon in his hand) and pray about it. Then he came to church on sunday and told us and the bishop he is ever ready to be baptized so we told him we could do it this month, we just have to finish a few more lessons with him! I mean come on....we just found him! He's sweet....sorry i didnt mention his name...Wisdom Tete. His brother said the church is a huge blessing in his life! Love him.

Also, we had a recent convert bring his wife to church the last 3 sundays, its almost impossible to meet with them but even through the rain we went to see them yesterday evening. Her name is lucy yeboah and she is just SOO SHY. She wouldnt hardly look at us or face us in the lesson, we kinda thought she was being rude and not wanting us to be there til we asked her how she felt about the church, her eyes lit up and she turned to us and said she likes it but just needs to learn more about it...she said kakra kakra which means, small small. So that has been our week, add a good lesson with a young guy named peter, he is reading the book of mormon here and there, we gotta push him a little more to come to church. So in short, im LOVING IT HERE! Its great to finish in this area i started in, the members are great!

I am well and fat and doing very good....7 weeks!

Love Elder Lehr

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